Friday, July 24, 2015

Our Life in February...but posted in July!!

I'm so out of order and behind on all of this...and why do I remember such random details of our life but can't remember to take my grocery list to the grocery store?!

Here's a photo dump I did back in February but never posted!  A crazy, fun month!!

Eric was out of town and this is us doing some FaceTime action with him...never mind the crazies in the top right corner!  

As I'm home with three kids with the stomach bug, my husband calls me to turn on the Golf Channel.  He's standing on the left of the guy in the bright blue shirt!  As happy as I was for my husband, I was in throw-up hell, so  I did not share his enthusiasm at the time.  I do now!

She had the worse of them all...of course....she had Daddy Daughter Dance that weekend!  Trying hard to get her to feel better!

Checking herself one will ever know I was so super sick a few days ago!

Looks fine to me!  

Eric and Molly left for dinner, so the boys and I went to our annual date at Chipolte!

Man, what cuties!!  

Snuggles on the couch afterwards!  Love my boys!!

I love those two!  Cute pictures at the dance!

Silly one too...this one made their yearbook!  

After 20 minutes at the dance, she was done!  No fever or getting sick, just not herself and exhausted!  Poor Molly!

A few days later, when everyone was 100%, we played Disney Headbandz, complete with mouse ears!  

Always an intense game when the suckers come out!

Jack became a Webelo!  That's Cub Scout slang for "Movin' on Up!"  

Leaving preschool one day, we heard a huge commotion in the hall, and Olaf was there!   A sweet day dressed up as Olaf for Mystery Reader!  So sweet!  That's Will hugging him, the first time he's gone near any characters!  

Lastly, Jack finished up a wonderful basketball season that was so much fun to watch!  The lost in the first round of tournament play, but we were so proud of him and his team, The Thunder!  Here's his Coach Dan telling us about Jack's hard work and dedication!  Way to go Jack!!

Jack and The Thunder!!

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