Friday, July 24, 2015

Molly's Birthday!!

I'm going a tad out of order...since Molly's birthday is in February and Jack's is in March!  
Molly...her last night as a 6 year old!  Wait...6?  I swear she was just born!

Opening her presents as a 7 year old!!  There may be a theme to these presents!  A Frozen towel!

Frozen flip-flops!  

Pedicures with her BFF Lizzie!

A true friend holds your hand and skips towards the brownie sample at Costco on a Saturday!

Opening up more presents at her family birthday party...a Frozen suitcase!!  Love her look on her face here!  And her no teeth!  And the fact that she's wearing a tank top in February!  

Sprinkle cake in neon pink...just what she asked for!  

Like any seven year old, after her family party, she heads over to a sleepover with her BFF Lizzie and enjoys her first night in her new age!!  

Happy Birthday Molly!!  We love you!!  

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