Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Jack!! this thing on?! let's just pretend that this little break never happened...since it's been about 5 months since my last post!! M kay?!  Thanks!

So, Jack turned March!  It was super fun, low key, and exactly what he wanted!

First, a sleepover with all his friends and favorite brother and sister!
Eating pizza!  

Royals cookie cake, I love Sam's Club cookie cakes!  

Happy Birthday to our Jack!!!  

Making lots of wishes, praying they all come true!  

After a sleepover with his friends, and a bedtime after midnight, the boys were wide awake around 7!  Awesome!  But, it was Jack's actual birthday and he had plans!  On his list of MUST DO:  Build-a-Bear and dinner at the Hereford House, with a nap thrown in the middle!  

A wonderful birthday for our special boy!  How in the world is he all ready 9?!!  It's hard to admit, but we have him for only 9 more years until he's off to college.  Notice no exclamation point there.  

We love you, Jack!  Happy Birthday!!  

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