Thursday, January 1, 2015

Recap of the past few months...oy!

Happy 2015!  I love the New Year....fresh start, fresh goals, fresh new calendar!  Love it!

Here's our life pictures!
Ate a lovely dinner at Culver's one night and they had free face/arm painting!!  Will got a Royals baseball, Molly was a butterfly, and Jack got a Jayhawk!

How Will rides on the shopping cart at Costco!  One of my faves of him!!

My sweet friend Sherri from Texas came to visit us in November!!  We had the absolute best time!!  We went shopping on the Plaza, ate wonderful meals...introduced her to the wonderful KC BBQ!  Drank wonderful wine, watched silly movies, and spent all day at the West Bottoms, I felt like I was on vacation too!!

Molly had her last cheer performance!  She and her squad did such a wonderful job!!  

Hosted a Sip and See for my sweet friend Julie who had her FOURTH child and FIRST girl!!  Here's a wreath I made for Mabel's room!!  Really wished I made one for myself!

We had so much fun seeing Mabel and talking and eating yummy food with all of our sweet friends!!

Eric's family had a chili dinner at our house the Sunday before Thanksgiving!  8 out of the 14 great-grandchildren in age order his family loves to line up by age order pictures!  Jack, Molly, Will, Henry, Lucas, Cole, Emma, and Judah, held by his mom Naomi!  The chili was great, but seeing his family was even better!!  

Thanksgiving Feast at Will's preschool! 

Thanksgiving with my family...a few days after Thanksgiving!!  Here's my grandma with all of her grandchildren...lined up by age also it's a trend!  Me, my brother, grandma, and cousin Chris!

Here's my family, the kids were all ready in bed!  My parents, Eric and I, my grandma, and Matt

Christmas carols with the Cub Scouts!  

Molly and I went to an early release of "Annie!"  She LOVED it and such a cute movie...but I still love the first one!!

Will went to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's and they had bumper cars....guess who was here all night?!!

Jack's playing basketball again this year and he plays with a new team, most are classmates!  They are the Thunder and he thinks he's the coolest...EVER!!

Making our annual gingerbread house!!!  Kids loved it...

So did Penny!  Guess who ate a tree and a person?!  She was eyeing those people all night long!!

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