Friday, January 9, 2015

One Last Round of 2014 Pics...I promise!

Found these tucked away in the drafts section, so I just had to share!!

Can't remember if I mentioned or not, I got a part-time teaching position at Will's preschool! I'm an assistant  to a 4/5's class and Will is right across the hall!  I love being back to teaching, love seeing Will, and I'm so happy I'm only working two days a week!  It's been a huge adjustment to me getting back into the swing of work and I totally admire all you full-time working mom's!  
On one of our days off, Will and I met my co-teacher for room organization!  Will is painting one of our bird feeders!  Such a great helper!

Jack was home sick for two days in the fall and here we are doing some make-up work!  At first, I'm all, "I can so homeschool!"  Five minutes later, I'm ready to day drink!  And no homeschooling over here!

Molly and her cheer squad, she loved every second about cheer...but now is "focusing on my art!"  Direct quote folks!  

Molly and all of her Daisy friends!  Again, she loves it!

So much joy in one little picture!

My cute Starbucks date one warm day!  Man he's a cutie!

Go Blue Valley Tigers!  I think this was my birthday night celebration, complete with Homecoming Court!  Boys loved the game, Molly loved the court announcements and the cheerleaders!

Pretty morning sunrise picture!!

Picking apples!  


I want to be at the top of the pyramid!  Funny, random tidbit, the girl on the right in the purple tank when to high school with me and now our girls cheer together!

Showing off those missing teeth!  All Christmas long she was asked if she asked for two front teeth...she did but didn't get them!

For Will's birthday, he got a gift card to Target and this is the excavator "that I've always wanted!!"  He carried that toy proudly through the store and proudly handed over his gift card!  Dreams really do come true!

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