Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas 2014!

Christmas excited was building in our house since Halloween!  We didn't overlook Thanksgiving and celebrated Thanksgiving with full enthusiasm, but yes, our house was 100% ready for Christmas the Monday before Thanksgiving!

Here are some highlights of our preparation and Christmas events!!
Decorating our Gingerbread house...aka my OCD really kicked in, sad but true!

Perfect evidence right there!  Good thing I had some wine to calm my OCD ways!

It seems like each year we have a Christmas movie that defines our Christmas for the year!  Meaning we watch the movie so much, each and every day, we quote it, sing it's songs, and can't quite get enough of that particular movie!  "Polar Express" has been a front runner the past few years,  and before kids, "Christmas Vacation" and "Bad Santa" Eric's choice, "Love Actually" by far my favorite!  This year, "Elf!"!  Not complaining at all!  "Home Alone" was a close second and that one I'm fine with saying goodbye to for the year!  

Once Christmas Break started, we had two full weeks of fun!!  Crown Center, here comes the Brew Crew!!

Traditional picture by the fountains at Crown Center!  

Gorgeous tree!

My favorite people right there!!

Love being their mom!!

We even got one of the two of us!!  Love him so much I could squeeze him!!  

I just love Union Station and so does the rest of my family! 


Waiting on our boys!

These three...I just adore them!!

Of course, there are events where I didn't take a single picture, like making cookies, the Live Nativity,  the kids Christmas parties, Will's Christmas program oh wait, he got stage fright and didn't perform,  our candlelight service for Christmas Eve, and the Plaza lights, but that's all right!  I like to sometimes just enjoy the moments with my family and be there with them!

Christmas Eve!!  I mean, their excitement was so contagious!!  We went to church and had such a wonderful time!  The music, the message, and the candlelight service just capture what Christmas is truly all about!  Afterwards, we headed over to Eric's parents house for sloppy joes, "Christmas Vacation", and presents!  If that doesn't say Christmas, what does?!  

We headed home to open one present...

I wonder what it is....

Christmas PJ's!!  And I adore Will and Jack's so much, can they wear them daily?!!  Santa with his elf!!  They are just too cute, all three of them!!

Christmas morning we woke up around 7 and within 2.3 seconds...

our house looked like this until about three days ago!  Stuff. Was.  Everywhere!!

After opening presents, eating biscuits and gravy that was NOT gluten free, naps and a family walk, we welcomed Boppi, Memaw, and Uncle Matt for more Christmas and family fun!  

The next night, we hosted my whole family and had another round of Christmas fun!
Nothing says fun like foam fingers, am I right?!

Oh, foam fingers, reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose!  

Reflecting on the past season, I think this has been my favorite year ever!  It was truly so fun and enjoyable with the kids, and I loved everything that is Christmas!!  Happy Holidays!!

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