Friday, July 24, 2015

Our Life in February...but posted in July!!

I'm so out of order and behind on all of this...and why do I remember such random details of our life but can't remember to take my grocery list to the grocery store?!

Here's a photo dump I did back in February but never posted!  A crazy, fun month!!

Eric was out of town and this is us doing some FaceTime action with him...never mind the crazies in the top right corner!  

As I'm home with three kids with the stomach bug, my husband calls me to turn on the Golf Channel.  He's standing on the left of the guy in the bright blue shirt!  As happy as I was for my husband, I was in throw-up hell, so  I did not share his enthusiasm at the time.  I do now!

She had the worse of them all...of course....she had Daddy Daughter Dance that weekend!  Trying hard to get her to feel better!

Checking herself one will ever know I was so super sick a few days ago!

Looks fine to me!  

Eric and Molly left for dinner, so the boys and I went to our annual date at Chipolte!

Man, what cuties!!  

Snuggles on the couch afterwards!  Love my boys!!

I love those two!  Cute pictures at the dance!

Silly one too...this one made their yearbook!  

After 20 minutes at the dance, she was done!  No fever or getting sick, just not herself and exhausted!  Poor Molly!

A few days later, when everyone was 100%, we played Disney Headbandz, complete with mouse ears!  

Always an intense game when the suckers come out!

Jack became a Webelo!  That's Cub Scout slang for "Movin' on Up!"  

Leaving preschool one day, we heard a huge commotion in the hall, and Olaf was there!   A sweet day dressed up as Olaf for Mystery Reader!  So sweet!  That's Will hugging him, the first time he's gone near any characters!  

Lastly, Jack finished up a wonderful basketball season that was so much fun to watch!  The lost in the first round of tournament play, but we were so proud of him and his team, The Thunder!  Here's his Coach Dan telling us about Jack's hard work and dedication!  Way to go Jack!!

Jack and The Thunder!!

Molly's Birthday!!

I'm going a tad out of order...since Molly's birthday is in February and Jack's is in March!  
Molly...her last night as a 6 year old!  Wait...6?  I swear she was just born!

Opening her presents as a 7 year old!!  There may be a theme to these presents!  A Frozen towel!

Frozen flip-flops!  

Pedicures with her BFF Lizzie!

A true friend holds your hand and skips towards the brownie sample at Costco on a Saturday!

Opening up more presents at her family birthday party...a Frozen suitcase!!  Love her look on her face here!  And her no teeth!  And the fact that she's wearing a tank top in February!  

Sprinkle cake in neon pink...just what she asked for!  

Like any seven year old, after her family party, she heads over to a sleepover with her BFF Lizzie and enjoys her first night in her new age!!  

Happy Birthday Molly!!  We love you!!  

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Jack!! this thing on?! let's just pretend that this little break never happened...since it's been about 5 months since my last post!! M kay?!  Thanks!

So, Jack turned March!  It was super fun, low key, and exactly what he wanted!

First, a sleepover with all his friends and favorite brother and sister!
Eating pizza!  

Royals cookie cake, I love Sam's Club cookie cakes!  

Happy Birthday to our Jack!!!  

Making lots of wishes, praying they all come true!  

After a sleepover with his friends, and a bedtime after midnight, the boys were wide awake around 7!  Awesome!  But, it was Jack's actual birthday and he had plans!  On his list of MUST DO:  Build-a-Bear and dinner at the Hereford House, with a nap thrown in the middle!  

A wonderful birthday for our special boy!  How in the world is he all ready 9?!!  It's hard to admit, but we have him for only 9 more years until he's off to college.  Notice no exclamation point there.  

We love you, Jack!  Happy Birthday!!  

Friday, January 9, 2015

One Last Round of 2014 Pics...I promise!

Found these tucked away in the drafts section, so I just had to share!!

Can't remember if I mentioned or not, I got a part-time teaching position at Will's preschool! I'm an assistant  to a 4/5's class and Will is right across the hall!  I love being back to teaching, love seeing Will, and I'm so happy I'm only working two days a week!  It's been a huge adjustment to me getting back into the swing of work and I totally admire all you full-time working mom's!  
On one of our days off, Will and I met my co-teacher for room organization!  Will is painting one of our bird feeders!  Such a great helper!

Jack was home sick for two days in the fall and here we are doing some make-up work!  At first, I'm all, "I can so homeschool!"  Five minutes later, I'm ready to day drink!  And no homeschooling over here!

Molly and her cheer squad, she loved every second about cheer...but now is "focusing on my art!"  Direct quote folks!  

Molly and all of her Daisy friends!  Again, she loves it!

So much joy in one little picture!

My cute Starbucks date one warm day!  Man he's a cutie!

Go Blue Valley Tigers!  I think this was my birthday night celebration, complete with Homecoming Court!  Boys loved the game, Molly loved the court announcements and the cheerleaders!

Pretty morning sunrise picture!!

Picking apples!  


I want to be at the top of the pyramid!  Funny, random tidbit, the girl on the right in the purple tank when to high school with me and now our girls cheer together!

Showing off those missing teeth!  All Christmas long she was asked if she asked for two front teeth...she did but didn't get them!

For Will's birthday, he got a gift card to Target and this is the excavator "that I've always wanted!!"  He carried that toy proudly through the store and proudly handed over his gift card!  Dreams really do come true!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas 2014!

Christmas excited was building in our house since Halloween!  We didn't overlook Thanksgiving and celebrated Thanksgiving with full enthusiasm, but yes, our house was 100% ready for Christmas the Monday before Thanksgiving!

Here are some highlights of our preparation and Christmas events!!
Decorating our Gingerbread house...aka my OCD really kicked in, sad but true!

Perfect evidence right there!  Good thing I had some wine to calm my OCD ways!

It seems like each year we have a Christmas movie that defines our Christmas for the year!  Meaning we watch the movie so much, each and every day, we quote it, sing it's songs, and can't quite get enough of that particular movie!  "Polar Express" has been a front runner the past few years,  and before kids, "Christmas Vacation" and "Bad Santa" Eric's choice, "Love Actually" by far my favorite!  This year, "Elf!"!  Not complaining at all!  "Home Alone" was a close second and that one I'm fine with saying goodbye to for the year!  

Once Christmas Break started, we had two full weeks of fun!!  Crown Center, here comes the Brew Crew!!

Traditional picture by the fountains at Crown Center!  

Gorgeous tree!

My favorite people right there!!

Love being their mom!!

We even got one of the two of us!!  Love him so much I could squeeze him!!  

I just love Union Station and so does the rest of my family! 


Waiting on our boys!

These three...I just adore them!!

Of course, there are events where I didn't take a single picture, like making cookies, the Live Nativity,  the kids Christmas parties, Will's Christmas program oh wait, he got stage fright and didn't perform,  our candlelight service for Christmas Eve, and the Plaza lights, but that's all right!  I like to sometimes just enjoy the moments with my family and be there with them!

Christmas Eve!!  I mean, their excitement was so contagious!!  We went to church and had such a wonderful time!  The music, the message, and the candlelight service just capture what Christmas is truly all about!  Afterwards, we headed over to Eric's parents house for sloppy joes, "Christmas Vacation", and presents!  If that doesn't say Christmas, what does?!  

We headed home to open one present...

I wonder what it is....

Christmas PJ's!!  And I adore Will and Jack's so much, can they wear them daily?!!  Santa with his elf!!  They are just too cute, all three of them!!

Christmas morning we woke up around 7 and within 2.3 seconds...

our house looked like this until about three days ago!  Stuff. Was.  Everywhere!!

After opening presents, eating biscuits and gravy that was NOT gluten free, naps and a family walk, we welcomed Boppi, Memaw, and Uncle Matt for more Christmas and family fun!  

The next night, we hosted my whole family and had another round of Christmas fun!
Nothing says fun like foam fingers, am I right?!

Oh, foam fingers, reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose!  

Reflecting on the past season, I think this has been my favorite year ever!  It was truly so fun and enjoyable with the kids, and I loved everything that is Christmas!!  Happy Holidays!!