Monday, November 3, 2014

The Zoo, A Blimp, Lost Teeth, Penny Lane: Sunbather, the World Series and a Double Rainbow...Whew!

I thought that title was more fun than "Life Lately!"

On a beautiful day last week, Will and I went to the zoo with our friends Rebecca and Barrett!
His one quest was to find the KU horse!  Success!!

On the train!!  Love my buddy!!

While we were grilling out one night, a blimp just decided float above our house!  So neat and so random!

This cutie lost both of her top two teeth!  Isn't she a beauty?!

No teeth!!

Penny Lane loves the to lounge in the sun, with a tennis ball, while laying on her back!  She really has a rough life!

We were all a little tired, nervous and super excited for our Royals before game 7 of the World Series!  We've been lifelong fans and it's been such a fun season watching the Royals!  So proud of the Royals and loved every second of the season!

Poor guy lasted until the 3rd inning!
5th for him!

That cute little girl watched the entire game!  She cried when the Royals lost saying "I just wanted them to win the World Series!"  Poor thing!

Saw this beautiful double rainbow on our way to school one day!  

What a great start to the day!  Love rainbows, especially two!!

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