Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Second Annual Pumpkin and Pizzas!

Since this is the second year in a row, it's now an annual tradition!  Right?  Last night, we went to our friends house to eat pizza, drink wine and beer, and yes it was a Monday, and carve pumpkins!  We just love our friends Alex, Lizzie and Mack...their parents are pretty great too, and we always have fun when we're with all of them!  And we can't wait to meet their newest family member coming in February!!

So, after pizza, wine, and gossip, we got down to business!  

Those boys are intense!  

Working on a haunted house!  Eric did a cat for Molly's pumpkin!

Such concentration...and such great helpers!  

Aren't they the cutest girls ever?!!  

You may have noticed that the boys were MIA!  Well, they were too busy playing so we'll carve their pumpkins later this week!  Mack went to bed early, so he missed some of the party!  

Halloween Week is the BEST!!

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