Thursday, October 9, 2014

Life Lately... might have noticed that I took a mini blog vacation the past month!  To summarize:

~School started for ALL of us!  3rd, 1st, Pre-K and I'm an assistant teacher at Will's preschool!  
~Soccer, cheer, soccer, Cub Scouts, Daisy's, gymnastics x 2, PTO, birthdays...
~General everyday life!  Cleaning the house, cooking, grocery shopping, laundry...that takes up a good chunk of time!

I will do my best to start going back to regular updates!  

For now...
Jack and Molly on their first day of school!  So far...the school year is going great for both!

With everyone at school, Will and I had a good three weeks off before we started school!  Which meant we spent a lot of time at parks, the zoo, Deanna Rose, and play dates with friends!

I've been trying to get out to walk the dog most mornings, which means I get to see gorgeous sunrises like this one!  Such a great way to start the day!

Will started soccer and he's ADORABLE!!  He's so excited to finally be playing soccer like Jack and Molly!

Go Wolves!  

Love when I find surprise pictures on my phone!  Love these two so much!

Our sweet Penny!  She's is adjusting to life with us just fine!  

Go Sharks!  Jack is having a great soccer season and has played Goalie twice!  We're so proud of him!!

Jack's class had a field trip to Kauffman Stadium...and that night the Royals made it into the playoffs!    Go Royals!  

Jack eating lunch on his field trip...only the coolest one he's ever been on!!
We officially have a cheerleader in the house and she LOVES it!!  

Molly cheering at a football game!  Go Molly!

A boy and his best friend!!  They love each other and are good buds!  The be honest, Penny is good buds with all of us!!

That's it in a nutshell...I promise to be back and update more!  I miss this little blog of mine!!

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