Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Date Night with Justin Timberlake!!!

Last Wednesday was only one of the top, best days of my life....excluding meeting and marrying my husband, birth of my children, and you know, the typical things that make life happy and great!  My friend Lori texted me if I was free that night and if I wanted to see Justin Timberlake in concert!  Um..yes!!  Insert squealing and jumping up and down like any normal mom in her thirties would do!!  Excitement doesn't even describe how excited I was!  So, that night, Lori picked me up in the minivan and we headed downtown!  First, dinner and then off to the Sprint Center for Justin's private concert for me...and thousands of other screaming fans!  

Justin..getting ready to start his show!!  

The only concert I've been to where I danced and sang every song!  It was so much fun!

His stage moving so he can get closer to me!  

On the other side of the arena singing and playing some guitar!  

Stage moving back towards the front...that's his signal for "I love you, Liz!"

Justin in the middle with his dancers....they were all amazing singers and dancers!

Man...he's so hot!

Lori and I in our suite...yes, suite!  Amazing seats!

And one last one!  Best concert I've ever been too and so want to see him again!  Thanks to Lori and her husband, Phil, for the tickets!!

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