Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Day of Summer Break

The kids started school on August 14th...way too early in my opinion!  Honestly, the were ready, excited, and happy to start school again!  On Wednesday, August 13th, we had a fulfilled day!

First....Will's snack!  Back before I had Celiac, this would be my go-to choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack...or sometimes, my meal for the entire day!  Sad and so not healthy but true!  Apparently this love for cereal is inherited based on Will's snack choice that morning!

"I'm ready to go mom!"  Think the heals and sash are a tad much!  

We've had the Nelson Atkins Art Museum on our must do summer list for two summers and we finally got down there!  Whew!  Eric and I took our engagement and wedding pictures here and I've always loved the entire area! 

Outside with the famous monuments!

Not sure why but there were teepee's all over the back lawn!  The kids loved going inside of them and picking out they're "rooms" where they would sleep!

They did pretty good inside the museum and really liked looking at the pictures, sculptors, and artifacts.  Of course, nothing beats a good old magnify glass!

I mean, can he be any cuter?!

We had a great last day of "summer!"  Third and First they come!!

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