Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Colorado 2014: Mount Crested Butte!

On Monday of our trip, we decided to head over to Crested Butte with our friends and hike!  I had heard amazing things about Crested Butte and was so excited to check it out, but first, we had to hike!
My pictures don't do justice to the gorgeous drive to Crested Butte!  We made plans to build our dream cabin on that drive with every turn we made!  

Mount Crested Butte or Bust!

We rode the chair lift to 10,000 feet altitude and hiked the last 4,00 feet...this was right after we got off the chair lift!  We were ready to go!  

After about 200 feet or so, you can definitely tell the air is thinner the higher you go!  We were struggling little we knew!

Photo courtesy of Jenna...we were looking at her dad using his professional camera!


Almost to the top!!  

We have about 150 feet left before the top and this is where Will hits his wall!  He stops, starts crying and eats almost everything in our backpack..poor guy!  I sit with him and take this gorgeous picture!  I really could stare at this all day!  

So, everyone except Will and I go to the top, and when the reach it they're all waving at us all happy! That just makes Will cry harder, and for daddy who's waving at the top!  He climbs down, I go up to the top, wave at Will and everyone from our group who started climbing down, and that's when Eric and Will start hiking to the top!  So, Will and Eric make it to the the top, yay buddy!!

I'm so proud of all of us for actually making it up there, with only a few cuts and scratches, and no one fell off the mountain!  My fear of heights was in full swing up there and everyone made it down alive!  

There are zero pictures of us going down because:  1.)  We were slipping and sliding all over the place mainly where we got scratched up  2.)  There were a lot of tears, one girl in our family who desperately needed to use the bathroom and we gave a good motivational talk to her most of the way down she finally went, whew!  And in the woods!  3.)  Jack got altitude sickness and he wasn't looking pretty!  Poor guy just has a weak stomach, wasn't drinking as much as he should, and pretty much ran both up and down the mountain.  Once we fed him lunch he was a brand new man! We started hiking at 10 and didn't finish until almost that may be one reason he go sick!  The boy needs to eat!

After our hike we went into Crested Butte for an amazing lunch and ice cream!  We deserved it!  

We climbed that mountain!  You can see the chair lifts and the path up to the trail...we're so outdoorsy!  

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