Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Colorado: 2014 Edition Day One!

Oh yes!  The Brew Crew ventured off to Colorado for another summer!  

This vacation has been in the works for about two years!  Our friends Justin, Jill, Jeremy and Jenna aren't they so cute with all the J's?  Jack fit right in with all of them! live in Virginia but used to live in Katy!  We met in play group and became fast friends!  Well, Jill and I and Jack and Jeremy did!  Jenna and Molly were newborns and obviously Will wasn't around yet!  They moved away two years before us but we've stayed in touch, went on a girls trip, and started planning our trip to Colorado!  Justin's parents have a cabin between Gunnison Crested Butte and go up every summer to their cabin.  Jill asked if her family could stay with us a night and then all of us drive on to the cabin!  Of course!  So, they arrived late Friday night and we were all on the road Saturday morning!  

Molly singing "Let it Go" and in heaven!  

We traded kids and Molly ended up with Jenna watching...."Frozen!"  Shocker!  Notice how empty their car looks!  

The boys watching "Turbo!"  Must be a really intense part of the movie!  And yes, our car looks like we packed for a month and busting out the seams!  

Until we reached the Colorado border...."are we in Colorado yet?!"  Poor Will!  And once we got into Colorado..."where are the mountains?!"  A few hours into Colorado!  Poor guy!

Mountains!  Finally!  

We went from the 90's to the 40's in one day!  

A little blurry but gorgeous Colorado sunset!  Love it!!

After 14 hours, we made it to our cabins!  We stayed in one right across the road from our friends!  More details soon!!

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