Thursday, July 24, 2014

Colorado 2014: Day Two!

After a wonderful nights sleep with the windows open and hearing this....

We were ready to explore where our temporary home!  On the property, there were about 20 cabins, a game room, and laundry.  The kids absolutely loved the game room...a pool table, ping pong, pop-a-shot, and an old TV with a VCR and DVD player.  Awesome!  The dirt road separated our cabins from our friends but the kids were able to play outside in our "front yards" for hours!  

Our mountain view!

This cutie and I had a great, relaxing time in the hammock!

Just take me back!  So cozy!

For lunch, Eric's friend Mark drove over from his home in Montrose, CO with his three kids!  The last time we saw Mark was back when Jack was one and Mark had zero kids!  He's such a great friend and it was so great seeing him and his sweet little family!

Waiting for our food...Molly, Connor, Aubrey, Jack and Will!  Not pictured, Mark's son Jackson!  Photo bombs courtesy of Eric and Mark!

After lunch, we took a short drive in the mountains and stopped for the kids to throw rocks in the water!  Will's absolute favorite part about Colorado!

Such form!

Jack was in heaven too!  

A cute family picture of the five of us!  Christmas card?!

Mark and his cuties!  Jackson, Connor, Mark, and Aubrey!

Eric and Mark with the kids!  We needed evidence that we saw him and his kids!  

You always need to take a silly picture!  Love it!  And loved that our kids all got along so great!!

My new friend Aubrey!  She was a sweetie and is going to keep Mark on his toes!

My sweetie that definitely keeps me on my toes!  She's showing me her new gems!  Love her!

Miracles upon miracles...Molly fell asleep in the car on our back into town to go to the grocery store! She hasn't slept in the car in years!  Yes, that 14 hour trip the day before, she didn't sleep one minute! 

We had to document this moment!

That night, the cabins HOA hosted their weekly BBQ!  Everyone brings sides and meat to share and you chat with everyone while the kids ran around having a blast!  I felt like we were back in the 60's and 70's, when the kids could safely run around the "neighborhood" and having a blast!

A cute picture of the kids!  Yes, my kids drink's vacation!

Standard silly picture!  

Colorado 2014:  Day Three Next!!

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