Monday, June 9, 2014

Meet Penny Lane!!

Last Sunday, June 1st, our family adopted a new dog!!  We have been talking about it for a few months and last Sunday we decided to start looking!  At first we thought we wanted a puppy, that way we knew everything about it, no surprises at all!  So, they brought us a black lab puppy and Eric and I fell in love!  He was adorable, cute, fun, and feisty!  The kids, however, we terrified!  So, we sadly said good-bye to the sweet lab and they brought us a 5 month old dog and she was more hyper! There were tears from scared children.  No good!  So, we decided that we didn't find one for us, walked outside where there were some jump houses, face painters, and balloon animals for the kids to check out.  The lady helping us came over to us and told us that there was an older dog who was super calm, trained, and sweet!  We said, why not!  So, we went back inside and they brought us Bianca, a Boxer mix who was as sweet as can be!  Molly, our crier, fell in love with her!  Will and Jack loved her, she licked them all, and she sat in my lap!  We adopted her that day!

On our way home!  She slept right in the middle of the kids!  Faces of some happy kids!!
On the way home, we decided that Bianca was not the name for her!  She didn't even respond to it!  After much discussion Elsa and Anna were Molly's top choices we decided on Penny!  I added the Lane because it's just too adorable to not name your dog Penny Lane!  

The first night the poor girl had an upset tummy and just followed Eric and I around everywhere!  I called the vet first thing Monday morning and we got right in!  Poor Penny has food allergies, ear and yeast infections in both ears ew and a stomach infection.  Awesome!  I always swore I wouldn't get a high maintenance dog, she doesn't bark, shed, and is low maintenance in that way, but food allergies?  Really?!

When we adopted her, they told us she was underweight due to underfeeding and had a little of an upset stomach.  No worries, I thought!  Poor Penny!  

Our very long pet visit!  Poor puppy was so sick!!  But, we have an amazing vet, the kids got a very good education on taking care of your pets, and how vets and pediatricians are very similar!!

She's now on several antibiotics and a special diet!  Penny is about 15-20 pounds underweight, so we're adding some meat to those bones!  Luckily, she can have cheese as a treat!  Our kids love giving her cheese!  

Penny loves tennis balls, walks, chasing bunnies, and napping on blankets!  She does great in the car and sleeps awesome at night!  

Penny can sit, shake, drop, and is kennel trained!  She really wants to sleep in our beds with us, but so far she'll get down when we say down!  When we get home she'll come running towards us, jump up and gives the best hugs and kisses a dog can give!!

Penny loves to run around backyard, play catch with a tennis ball, roll around in the grass, and then fall asleep in the sun!  My type of girl!!

We are so thankful for Penny and finding her!  She has been a great addition to our family and we love having her with us!!  We are also thankful we didn't go puppy route, Penny has been super easy, calm and sweet!  

We love our Penny Lane!!!

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