Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life Lately....

I know, it's been forever and a day since I've posted!  I swear I'll be better now that schools over and we have almost zero plans for the summer!

Here's what we've been doing the past few weeks!  And these are in zero order, sorry for the randomness!

I got our family room painted!  Yippee!!!
It went from ugly....

to FABULOUS!!  Revere Perter from Benjamin Moore for the win!!  I love it!!!

The cutie with the beard had a birthday!!!  WE ALL adore this guy so much!!  Happy Birthday Eric!!

Jack finished his soccer season!!  Here he is with Coach Mike, a great coach and friend to our family!  Way to go Jack!!  Molly played, but I missed her party due to Jack's game!  Oh the life of three kids in a sport!

Will's buddy Grant, far left, had a play date after school one day!  Here is Will with some of his friends from school:  Grant, Luke, Will and Maren!  

Will and I went to the zoo with our friends Rebecca and Barrett!  Barrett's older sister is one of Molly's sweet friends and our families have become fast friends!  This is Will's attempt at a picture, this is the best one out of 13!!

On the carousal!  

Last day of preschool!  I cried the ugly cry, my baby only has one more year of preschool left!  But I'm happy he's home with me all day now!

Last day of gymnastics!  Good job Will!!  We're taking the summer off but he'll start again in the fall!

That same day, I had a very long PTO meeting, followed by another long PTO meeting!  I was yawning and falling asleep during the first, so I ran to Starbuck's for my first coffee in a few months....Will needed a hot chocolate, how could I say no?!!

Every Friday at school, each grade has a dance party in the cafeteria if they earned it throughout the week!  Will and I ate lunch with Jack and Molly on a Friday and luckily, they both had a dance party!  Jack is the blurred purple shirt kid in the Conga line!

Molly and her sweet friend Hailee, after lunch and dancing!!

Early morning reading with Molly!!

Our street is being repaved this summer and the crews came to prep it, here's Will and Eric watching the prep work!  Will LOVED it!

I decorated Molly's teacher door for Teacher Appreciation Week and thankfully she LOVES KU!!!  

Field Day for Jack!!!  Will and I helped in the afternoon and had a blast helping and watching Jack have fun!!  Molly's was in the morning and Will had speech right at the same time!  Next year!  Here's Jack's class getting ready for Tug-of-War against the other 2nd grade class!!

Look for more pictures soon!!!  

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