Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lazy Days of Summer

I'm truly loving our summer break!!  We are relaxing, enjoying the outside, swimming, riding bikes, taking walks , playing outside...I just want to stay "here" forever!  Here are a few pictures in how we're enjoying the best time of year!!
Just my two cute girls relaxing!  We're loving our Penny so much...Molly keeps thanking us for a sister!  Such a sweetie !!

We celebrated NINE years of marriage with a tball game and one sick kid!  The Sunday  before we had a day date with yummy Mexican food and shopping!  Couldn't imagine a life without him!  

Jack and Eric had a Cub Scout camp out, so while they were camping, we took a walk in the rain!  We splashed in puddles and giggled, such a fun walk!!

Mr. Baseball Will!  He has two games left and loves every second of tball!!  Go Will and the Chiefs!!

Molly picking out library books!!  We are here weekly!

Eric was out of town for one of Will's games, so Jack was asked to fill in as assistant coach...he was so excited and took his job super serious!  Jack was able to tell the kids what to do and not get in trouble for being bossy, awesome! To be honest, he did great and Coach Lance appreciated his help!!

During the games, Molly plays with her sweet friend Reagan!  Her dad is the coach, little brother Barett is Will's bud, and I adore her mom!   We're all going to miss tball!!

Molly and Will have been in swimming lessons the past two weeks, here's Jack during one of the lessons building with his magnets!  He loves these and could play with them all day!!  He's missing lessons this week due to basketball camp! 

Just a little family game of baseball, she was more focused on posing for me!

Eric and I went to the Royals game Friday night! It was super fun but this was my view the first 3 1/2 innings and that's not zoomed in. Luckily I snuggled next to Eric and watch the megatran!  

My cute breakfast date!  Sometimes a good talk, yummy food and a tic-tac-tow tournament is all you need in life!

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