Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Walk Through the Fairy Gardens

With summer in full swing, we are spending our days swimming, playing, and soaking up the wonderfulness of summer!  
I've heard about the Fairy Gardens near our house for the past few years and we finally got over there a few weeks ago!  

Our first fairy house sighting!!  Both were hesitant to see what would come out of the house!

Getting a bit braver!  Notice Molly was a bit nervous and stood far away as possible at first!  We just had to give her time to warm up and then she was perfectly fine!  Molly time in full force that day!  

The mailbox for the house in the picture above!  There were actual letters to the fairy's in them!  So cute!  

A fairy-sized Tiki-hut!  Hammock and all!  My type of fairy!

After a while, the houses were more spread out, so Jack wanted to walk Penny during this stretch!  What a cute pair they make!!

Once we turned around and headed back towards our car, we went back to the main part that had several houses, a little table with dishes and play food, and a miniature stage.  Adorable!  We played here for such a long time!!
Will loved the little table and wanted to bring a picnic back to share with the fairies!  Such a sweetie!!

Molly and Jack wrote notes to the fairies, they had markers and paper am I using adorable too much?  Well, it was adorable!  Both wrote a sweet message to the fairies and then drew pictures with the chalk provided for the fairies homes!  And their notes were so sweet, they wrote how nice the fairies were to share their houses, how pretty the houses were and asked them to visit us!  I think with the three wiggly teeth between the two of them, that visit will be soon enough!

Will showed zero interest in the chalk and note writing, but he sure put on a mean picnic!!

The sign leaving the Fairy Gardens!  Such a wonderful message that is so true!

We had such a great time exploring the Fairy Houses and I was amazed at the details, the little touches that someone worked so hard on to share with children!  My kids adored it and we had such a fun summer adventure exploring, letting our imaginations go free, and I loved seeing the magic in all three kids eyes!  

Sadly, a few weeks after we went, a news report said the people that ran this moved away and took everything with them.  Um, sad!!  My friend took her kids and was very confused to find nothing, but then we heard the news and were shocked that someone would take away such a sweet gift to hundreds of children.  I told my  three that with all the rain lately, the houses washed away....a slight fib, but I couldn't take away the magic from them!  I hope that someday they'll come back or maybe I'll start it up again!!

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