Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Walk Through the Fairy Gardens

With summer in full swing, we are spending our days swimming, playing, and soaking up the wonderfulness of summer!  
I've heard about the Fairy Gardens near our house for the past few years and we finally got over there a few weeks ago!  

Our first fairy house sighting!!  Both were hesitant to see what would come out of the house!

Getting a bit braver!  Notice Molly was a bit nervous and stood far away as possible at first!  We just had to give her time to warm up and then she was perfectly fine!  Molly time in full force that day!  

The mailbox for the house in the picture above!  There were actual letters to the fairy's in them!  So cute!  

A fairy-sized Tiki-hut!  Hammock and all!  My type of fairy!

After a while, the houses were more spread out, so Jack wanted to walk Penny during this stretch!  What a cute pair they make!!

Once we turned around and headed back towards our car, we went back to the main part that had several houses, a little table with dishes and play food, and a miniature stage.  Adorable!  We played here for such a long time!!
Will loved the little table and wanted to bring a picnic back to share with the fairies!  Such a sweetie!!

Molly and Jack wrote notes to the fairies, they had markers and paper am I using adorable too much?  Well, it was adorable!  Both wrote a sweet message to the fairies and then drew pictures with the chalk provided for the fairies homes!  And their notes were so sweet, they wrote how nice the fairies were to share their houses, how pretty the houses were and asked them to visit us!  I think with the three wiggly teeth between the two of them, that visit will be soon enough!

Will showed zero interest in the chalk and note writing, but he sure put on a mean picnic!!

The sign leaving the Fairy Gardens!  Such a wonderful message that is so true!

We had such a great time exploring the Fairy Houses and I was amazed at the details, the little touches that someone worked so hard on to share with children!  My kids adored it and we had such a fun summer adventure exploring, letting our imaginations go free, and I loved seeing the magic in all three kids eyes!  

Sadly, a few weeks after we went, a news report said the people that ran this moved away and took everything with them.  Um, sad!!  My friend took her kids and was very confused to find nothing, but then we heard the news and were shocked that someone would take away such a sweet gift to hundreds of children.  I told my  three that with all the rain lately, the houses washed away....a slight fib, but I couldn't take away the magic from them!  I hope that someday they'll come back or maybe I'll start it up again!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lazy Days of Summer

I'm truly loving our summer break!!  We are relaxing, enjoying the outside, swimming, riding bikes, taking walks , playing outside...I just want to stay "here" forever!  Here are a few pictures in how we're enjoying the best time of year!!
Just my two cute girls relaxing!  We're loving our Penny so much...Molly keeps thanking us for a sister!  Such a sweetie !!

We celebrated NINE years of marriage with a tball game and one sick kid!  The Sunday  before we had a day date with yummy Mexican food and shopping!  Couldn't imagine a life without him!  

Jack and Eric had a Cub Scout camp out, so while they were camping, we took a walk in the rain!  We splashed in puddles and giggled, such a fun walk!!

Mr. Baseball Will!  He has two games left and loves every second of tball!!  Go Will and the Chiefs!!

Molly picking out library books!!  We are here weekly!

Eric was out of town for one of Will's games, so Jack was asked to fill in as assistant coach...he was so excited and took his job super serious!  Jack was able to tell the kids what to do and not get in trouble for being bossy, awesome! To be honest, he did great and Coach Lance appreciated his help!!

During the games, Molly plays with her sweet friend Reagan!  Her dad is the coach, little brother Barett is Will's bud, and I adore her mom!   We're all going to miss tball!!

Molly and Will have been in swimming lessons the past two weeks, here's Jack during one of the lessons building with his magnets!  He loves these and could play with them all day!!  He's missing lessons this week due to basketball camp! 

Just a little family game of baseball, she was more focused on posing for me!

Eric and I went to the Royals game Friday night! It was super fun but this was my view the first 3 1/2 innings and that's not zoomed in. Luckily I snuggled next to Eric and watch the megatran!  

My cute breakfast date!  Sometimes a good talk, yummy food and a tic-tac-tow tournament is all you need in life!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Meet Penny Lane!!

Last Sunday, June 1st, our family adopted a new dog!!  We have been talking about it for a few months and last Sunday we decided to start looking!  At first we thought we wanted a puppy, that way we knew everything about it, no surprises at all!  So, they brought us a black lab puppy and Eric and I fell in love!  He was adorable, cute, fun, and feisty!  The kids, however, we terrified!  So, we sadly said good-bye to the sweet lab and they brought us a 5 month old dog and she was more hyper! There were tears from scared children.  No good!  So, we decided that we didn't find one for us, walked outside where there were some jump houses, face painters, and balloon animals for the kids to check out.  The lady helping us came over to us and told us that there was an older dog who was super calm, trained, and sweet!  We said, why not!  So, we went back inside and they brought us Bianca, a Boxer mix who was as sweet as can be!  Molly, our crier, fell in love with her!  Will and Jack loved her, she licked them all, and she sat in my lap!  We adopted her that day!

On our way home!  She slept right in the middle of the kids!  Faces of some happy kids!!
On the way home, we decided that Bianca was not the name for her!  She didn't even respond to it!  After much discussion Elsa and Anna were Molly's top choices we decided on Penny!  I added the Lane because it's just too adorable to not name your dog Penny Lane!  

The first night the poor girl had an upset tummy and just followed Eric and I around everywhere!  I called the vet first thing Monday morning and we got right in!  Poor Penny has food allergies, ear and yeast infections in both ears ew and a stomach infection.  Awesome!  I always swore I wouldn't get a high maintenance dog, she doesn't bark, shed, and is low maintenance in that way, but food allergies?  Really?!

When we adopted her, they told us she was underweight due to underfeeding and had a little of an upset stomach.  No worries, I thought!  Poor Penny!  

Our very long pet visit!  Poor puppy was so sick!!  But, we have an amazing vet, the kids got a very good education on taking care of your pets, and how vets and pediatricians are very similar!!

She's now on several antibiotics and a special diet!  Penny is about 15-20 pounds underweight, so we're adding some meat to those bones!  Luckily, she can have cheese as a treat!  Our kids love giving her cheese!  

Penny loves tennis balls, walks, chasing bunnies, and napping on blankets!  She does great in the car and sleeps awesome at night!  

Penny can sit, shake, drop, and is kennel trained!  She really wants to sleep in our beds with us, but so far she'll get down when we say down!  When we get home she'll come running towards us, jump up and gives the best hugs and kisses a dog can give!!

Penny loves to run around backyard, play catch with a tennis ball, roll around in the grass, and then fall asleep in the sun!  My type of girl!!

We are so thankful for Penny and finding her!  She has been a great addition to our family and we love having her with us!!  We are also thankful we didn't go puppy route, Penny has been super easy, calm and sweet!  

We love our Penny Lane!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life Lately....

I know, it's been forever and a day since I've posted!  I swear I'll be better now that schools over and we have almost zero plans for the summer!

Here's what we've been doing the past few weeks!  And these are in zero order, sorry for the randomness!

I got our family room painted!  Yippee!!!
It went from ugly....

to FABULOUS!!  Revere Perter from Benjamin Moore for the win!!  I love it!!!

The cutie with the beard had a birthday!!!  WE ALL adore this guy so much!!  Happy Birthday Eric!!

Jack finished his soccer season!!  Here he is with Coach Mike, a great coach and friend to our family!  Way to go Jack!!  Molly played, but I missed her party due to Jack's game!  Oh the life of three kids in a sport!

Will's buddy Grant, far left, had a play date after school one day!  Here is Will with some of his friends from school:  Grant, Luke, Will and Maren!  

Will and I went to the zoo with our friends Rebecca and Barrett!  Barrett's older sister is one of Molly's sweet friends and our families have become fast friends!  This is Will's attempt at a picture, this is the best one out of 13!!

On the carousal!  

Last day of preschool!  I cried the ugly cry, my baby only has one more year of preschool left!  But I'm happy he's home with me all day now!

Last day of gymnastics!  Good job Will!!  We're taking the summer off but he'll start again in the fall!

That same day, I had a very long PTO meeting, followed by another long PTO meeting!  I was yawning and falling asleep during the first, so I ran to Starbuck's for my first coffee in a few months....Will needed a hot chocolate, how could I say no?!!

Every Friday at school, each grade has a dance party in the cafeteria if they earned it throughout the week!  Will and I ate lunch with Jack and Molly on a Friday and luckily, they both had a dance party!  Jack is the blurred purple shirt kid in the Conga line!

Molly and her sweet friend Hailee, after lunch and dancing!!

Early morning reading with Molly!!

Our street is being repaved this summer and the crews came to prep it, here's Will and Eric watching the prep work!  Will LOVED it!

I decorated Molly's teacher door for Teacher Appreciation Week and thankfully she LOVES KU!!!  

Field Day for Jack!!!  Will and I helped in the afternoon and had a blast helping and watching Jack have fun!!  Molly's was in the morning and Will had speech right at the same time!  Next year!  Here's Jack's class getting ready for Tug-of-War against the other 2nd grade class!!

Look for more pictures soon!!!