Tuesday, May 13, 2014

NASCAR Night Race!!

Yes, that's right!  We went to the first, EVER night race at the Kansas Speedway for NASCAR!!  It was everything I dreamed it would be....and more!

I didn't really know much about NASCAR until I lived with Eric, I just thought it was something people from the south watched.  I learned very quickly that NASCAR is popular everywhere and people LOVE it!  Eric has been to about 9 or 10 races over the past ten years and really enjoys watching the races!  I love watching it with him because it's a guarantee good nap and you don't miss much!  By the time Jack was born, Eric had season tickets with his brother and a favorite driver!  Then Cars came out, Jack starting watching with Eric as he grew older, and then Will was born!  Will has loved cars, races, the movie Cars, anything with NASCAR for most of his life!  He just started really watching the races this year, before he would play with our million of matchbox cars on our floors!  Now all three boys have a favorite driver, Eric and Will Kasey Kahne, Jack Jimmie Johnson, and Molly loves Danica but only because she's a girl!  Will does NOT like Kyle Busch, it's so funny watching him watch the races and they show Kyle, he boos at the screen, wow, just like a real NASCAR fan!  Jack and Eric went to a race when we moved back to Kansas but last Saturday, Eric got free tickets from work!  As luck would have it, Molly was out of town with grandma and Aunt Katie, which was a blessing because Molly is not a fan of noise though she's not a quiet person herself, waiting, and heat!  So, the boys and I got to go see the race!

Just driving there was fun!  People blasting music while waiting to park, the outfits, the songs, all awesome to watch and look at!
Walking in, towards the left of the picture you can see some smoke...someone threw a cigarette into a bunch of dead bushes to begin a brush fire!  Pretty scary to be that close but the fire department was quick!  

My cute dates for the night!  

A REAL race car!  And proof that I was really there!

Our seats!  The higher up the better!  This was before the race and a lot of fun watching the cars get rolled into the pits, a free concert, and of course, the people watching!

A view of the pits!  Will was so excited to see every one's real cars!

So excited they couldn't even look at me!

Will's favorite driver is Kasey Kahne, number 5!  I forgot to get a picture of Jack's favorite, Jimmie Johnson, number 48!
And no, I never thought I would know names and numbers of all the drivers!  Jack knows every one's number!  

The start of the race!  Words can not describe how loud it was!  Thank God for headphones and ear plugs!


Happy boy but so tired!  He had so much fun!  

Listening to Jimmie's pit crew and loving the race!

After seeing many cautions, pits, and people yelling at the drivers they hate, we left after 120 laps!  There were over 300 total, so that's pretty good for our gang!  If you have never been to a race, go just to watch the people, you will NOT be disappointed!  And I mean that in the best way imaginable!  I'm so happy I got to share this experience with my boys, even though we did miss Molly!  Not sure if I have a favorite driver but you never know!  Who's your favorite?!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

My New Life with Hashimotos and Celiac Disease: The Beginning

I'm getting a tad personal today, but I feel that I need to share the struggles I've been facing for about the past two years, actually five years!  Crazy it's been that long!  I feel like I'm finally getting things figured out and feel that I can talk about my health ups and downs!

Hang in there, this is a long one today!

Five Years Ago:

I was the mom to a beautiful little boy Jack, almost 3, and my adorable daughter, Molly, freshly turning 1!  We lived in Katy, Texas, my husband had a great career, I was staying home and loving my first year of being just a mom!  I also had found out we were expecting baby number 3, now known as Will!  His pregnancy was my toughest because I had the 3 and 1 year old, plus it was so hot and humid in Texas, and I was sick almost my entire pregnancy.  As in eat, get sick, repeat.  After every meal.  He was worth every trip to the bathroom, and I thought those days were over, but I know now that I developed Celiac during his pregnancy, causing all of those frequent trips!  Which also means, my hypothyroidism began around then too!  BTW:  No clue!  Just blamed pregnancy!  Whoops!

Three Years Ago:

Three kids, ages 5, 3, and 1, and just lost baby number 4.  Yep, had a miscarriage three years ago, but I didn't share it on here or with a lot of people, just close friends and a few family.  The hardest thing I've ever gong through and I admire those who talk about their own lose but I was not in a good place.  I've just recently come to terms with the lose but still want to keep that private.

I started going to a new ob/gyn because I was not a fan of the one who delivered Will, switching doctors changed my life and my health!  After I lost the baby, I struggled with losing weight, even though I was only a few months into the pregnancy, I had gained about 10 pounds.  Plus the 10 pounds I needed to lose from Will, so that was 20 pounds over my normal weight!  Yikes!  Still there today, double yikes!

My new doctor did some routine blood work to check to make sure things were all right and discovered that I had hypothyroidism~meaning my thyroid didn't make enough of the thyroid hormone, causing weight gain, sluggishness, moodiness, etc.!  All things I just thought had to do with raising three young kids!  

I started on medicine, working out, and really taking care of myself!  Well, I did 2/3 of that...medicine and working out, both helped but I wasn't fully taking care of myself, not eating healthy, sleeping enough, stressed out about everything or feeling very overwhelmed...not good!    

Two Years Ago:

We found out we were moving and I'll be honest, I wasn't that excited about moving home.  I really, truly loved our life in Texas.  Yes, I just admitted I was super stressed or overwhelmed, well, I was!  Life was getting to me, pressure from school and other parents, involvement in two mom's groups and one that I honestly didn't really want to be part of, working simi-part time, a husband who traveled, raising kids, the list goes on!  I knew we would be moving, so that was stressful right there!  Then, we didn't sell our house right away, it was a tough market that year and we had a tough crowd to sell to!  When we finally sold our house, moved to Kansas, and got settled, life was still not great!  I stopped exercising, eating healthy, and just didn't care because not matter what I did, I still felt tired, run down, depressed, and unhappy.  I blamed the weather, the move, the day of the week, whatever I could because it wasn't me, it was everything else.  Such a bad way to look at life!  But then, I became super sick that winter with mono~again, thought I was just stressed, normal, this is how life should be~a horrible feeling!  When my doctor finally discovered it five months later I felt relief that I wasn't crazy and worried that he hadn't discovered it sooner!  

Well, life marched on, I started exercising occasionally, I started feeling better, the weather turned warmer, we went to Colorado that vacation was the best!! and felt like things would be ok!  

Last August:

I went to a party with a great friend of mine and one of her friends asked me how fair along I was in my pregnancy.  This statement rocked my world because I was NOT pregnant!**

After that night, I was bummed and down, again, and just felt hopeless on my life.  What's the point in dieting or exercising, when I only maintain the same weight I was when I gave birth to Will?!  Those extra 20 pounds were not going anywhere and now people thought I was pregnant.  I was sad, depressed, overweight, and everything I turned to get me happy, weren't helping me feel happy...but I was depending on coffee, wine, shopping to make me happy, and it would for a bit, but not for long.  Not good!

Last September:

On Will's first day of speech, I met Lori who's daughter was in speech with Will!  Great!  We had a great talk while the kids were gone and we somehow got talking about hypothyroidism!  Oh the things we talk about while the kids are in speech!  That room is chalk full of great information!   She gave me the number of her doctor, who specializes in the exact problem that I taken over my life!  I called that day and got an appointment...on my birthday!  Yay!

Later that month, on my birthday, I went to this doctor and within ten minutes, she told me I had Hasimoto's and Celiac disease, without looking at an ounce of blood work, just talking to me!  I went to get blood drawn and waited...and guess who was right?!!  That followed with an appointment to the GI, a scoop and a new lifestyle!

I'll get into more detail about Hashimoto's in my next post!  Thanks for reading!!

**Side note:  Never, ever, ever ask someone this question!  Ever!  So rude, so inconsiderate, and it does no good for anyone if they are NOT pregnant!  We've all done it, I asked a girl at my high school reunion, we just need to learn not to repeat it ever again!  You never know about fertility, can't get pregnant, don't want to get pregnant, miscarriage, or just fat.  It ruined my fun night, it's sad that I let one sentence do that to me, but it did.  If you want to ask or are unsure, just don't, resist the urge and don't say anything!  It's polite and show's you have class, something I wish I had when I asked that poor girl at my reunion!