Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break~Six Flags Over Texas!

Our last stop of the trip was Six Flags!  We promised the kids on Sunday but plans changed due to weather, happy we picked Friday to go!  Temps in the lower 80's, sunny, and perfect!  We woke up early, ate the worlds best breakfast gotta love Embassy Suites and headed to Six Flags!  Our goal was to purchase a season pass and then use it in St. Louis too, but after a lot of thought and discussion, we decided to just buy a day pass.  It was a bit expensive but we had zero plans to go to St. Louis this summer so we didn't see the point!  

Jack and Molly were super excited about all the rids, Molly more than Jack actually!  Will was a bit nervous, which is understandable, there were some tall ones!  We rode what we could and no one complained about riding alone, whew!  
Taking in all the sights!

Part of the kid section!  They loved this one, until Will got a bit dizzy!  Think he's yelling at them to slow down!

Riding the train with  my favorite guy!

Another kid ride!  Love these three so much!!

No, Eric's ears didn't grow! 

Could you imagine wearing those costumes all summer long?!  

The boys loved driving the old cars, think we rode that one five time!  Molly loved all the roller coasters and was bummed when she wasn't tall enough for them, especially the upside down ones, all in good time my sweet girl!  We all enjoyed the water rides, especially the log ride!  Eric and I were both wanting to ride one roller coaster alone, but the lines got to be a bit long!  It was odd not ridding one super fast one!  Next time!!  We were there from 10:30, when they opened, until 8, not too shabby for our first time ever at an amusement park!

What I learned:

1.  Bring food!  This is a no-brainer, but we were limited on our snacks with this being the end of our trip and storage was tight!  
2.  Sunscreen!  I was the only one who burned, thank goodness!
3.  Wear cozy shoes!  We were fine, but there was a ton of walking!  
4.  Six Flags makes a decent salad!  Who knew?!!

Overall, a great day and great ending to our trip!  We headed home the next morning, all ready to go!  

Thanks for letting us share our journey with you!!

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