Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break~Austin!

We woke up early Thursday morning, ready to hit the road again!  We said fond farewells to all of our Katy friends that we managed to see and headed towards the capital of Texas, Austin!   But first, a stop here:

Only the BEST gas station EVER!!  I love their jerky, the bathrooms are clean, and they're food and service is amazing!  Sigh!  Reason number 657 why we miss Texas!

The only thing Jack asked to do on this trip was to visit the capital in Austin since it's the biggest in the nation, even taller then the United States Capital!  How can you say no to that request?!

We took a guided tour and learned so much about the capital, just don't quiz me on it now, two weeks later!

The outside!

The inside doom, four levels high!

The very top!!

Love that the letters around the Lone Star spell out case you forget where you are!

Think this is where the House of Representatives vote, the boys LOVED this part of the tour!

Inside the Senate and House of Representatives, were these pictures of all the Representatives and Senators, so fascinating!

Obviously they dated back pretty far!  The kids loved seeing the old fashion pictures!
We looked for Rick Perry, but guess he was busy that day!  
Jack's picture of us after our tour, pretty much sums up our life!  We attempted one of all three kids, notice that's not on here!
If you're ever in the Austin area, this is a must!  The one regret about our time living in Texas was we only took one trip as a family to Austin, and that was before Will was even born!  I would love to come back, spend more time there, just maybe without the kids!  They can come back when they're older!  I wish we spent more than a few hours in Austin, but we had to move on!

Next stop:  Six Flags Over Texas!  

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