Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break Trips~Waco and Katy!!

My very loyal reader, my brother Matt, has been on pins and needles in the suspense of the next part of our Spring Break!  So, this one's for you Matt!

Monday, St. Patrick's Day, we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed south to Waco!  We had zero plans for the day except to check out of our hotel, drive to Katy, and check into our new hotel, a nice agenda!  We decided to go to Waco because we all love Dr. Pepper and when would we ever be in Waco again?!

The journey there was pretty smooth, except that Will was starving, STARVING!!  Screaming starving!  After a quick snack, we headed into the museum!

Handsome fellas!  

Apparently they were both starving!

There was a cute room when you first walk in that told the history of the museum and a puppet, character guy telling you the story!  It was also set up like the soda shops/pharmacy's!  Super cute!

The next room was about the bottling and different formulas they came up with to create the beautiful Dr. Pepper!

Cute girl on one of the old delivery trucks, next to the sign that says do not touch!  #momfail

Man he's cute!  This was a pretend store the kids played in for a super long time!  There was a huge room full of memorabilia and old commercials played!  We all enjoyed that room!

Love the table!

Serving up some food!

The next few rooms had old coolers, which the kids thought were the coolest but Eric and I aged ourselves when we told them we used to use those types of coolers with bottles!  

Cute kids!  The only downfall, no free samples of Dr. Pepper, but we all ordered one at lunch!

After a delicious lunch of Mexican, we headed southeast to KATY!!  We were all excited!  And, when we got there, some of our friends were at one of our favorite parks!!

That night, we had dinner at my friend Sherri's house and seriously it felt like old times! Wine, salad, kids playing, wonderful night!!

Next up:  More Katy fun!!

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