Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Jack!!

Our sweet, loving, energetic, wonderful boy turned 8 last week!  How in the world is he 8 all ready?! These years are flying way too fast, don't I say that every year?!

For Jack's birthday this year, we kept things a bit low-key.  He couldn't really decide on what type of party he wanted or his parents didn't approve no sleepover and bowling seemed to make everyone bored unless it's their turn!  So, we decided that a few friends could spend the day with us to go rock climbing and to watch sports at Buffalo Wild Wings!
Presents first thing in the morning!  Nothing like waking up to a house full of love and excitement!

Not sure who was more excited about the NASCAR '14 Xbox game!

She was just excited that it was his birthday!
My parents came into town, and along with my brother, they took Jack to lunch at Jose' Peppers and then his friends came over so we could go rock climbing!

When we got to Monster Mountain we had some excited kids!  There is indoor soccer, gymnastics and this huge rock wall.  I called a few days ahead to confirm we were coming, asked all the rules, and what the best time to come was.  Long story short, I spoke to the absolute wrong person!  Everything they told me was wrong, we had to wait over an hour just to climb, and the boys kept getting into trouble...touching things, breathing, etc.  

Finally, FINALLY, they climbed!  Molly was going to also, but thankfully my parents took Will and Molly to the mall after all the waiting!

Practicing his mad skills!

Molly, Luke, and Jack warming up!  They could climb to the black line without a harness!
Words of advice:  Don't look down!  When you do, you panic and want down immediately!
Jack was the first one up and made it a bit above the black line!

Mid-panic here!  Isn't the guy in the red cute?  He is now trained and certified to be a rope guy!

Luke made it a bit further!  Good job Luke!

Alex, aka a monkey, made it towards the top on almost ever wall!!  He did awesome!
After an hour of climbing, we headed towards Buffalo Wild Wings!  When we began planning, we thought we could watch KU basketball, but they didn't get the memo to WIN!  That's ok, we still had fun!
Jack's delicious cake!  Well, I wouldn't know, but it was inhaled fast!

Everyone singing to Jack, even the K-State choir!  
After some food, songs, games, and drinks, we headed back to our house for the boys to play Lego's, Xbox, baseball, and whatever else they wanted!  Jack had a wonderful day and we are all truly blessed to have him in our life!  We love you Jack!!

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