Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Manners Tea Party!!

Molly is in Daisy's this year and is in absolute love with her troop, her leader, and every activity they attend!!  I will say, this is not the Girl Scouts I remember!  Her troop leader is also a dear friend of mine and she is so super creative and energetic about the girls earning their badges and having fun at the same time!!  

At the end of March, we all headed to downtown Kansas City to the hotel our troop leaders husband works at and had a manners tea party and pajama party!  Can you say awesome?!!

All the girls talking and enjoying their treats of crown sandwiches, cookies, and pink lemonade!  The mom's had some yummy treats too!

The hotel had a wedding the night before, so they left two tables up and their centerpieces!  It was beautiful and I could only imagine a wedding there!  

After tea, the girls danced and ran around!  There was lots of giggling, smiles, and squeals!  They all had so much fun!

Group picture!!  Molly is in the purple Sophia dress, she was bummed that she didn't have an Elsa or Anna dress no one has one sweetie!  They are MIA!!
After all the running around and dancing, the girls were escorted to the Presidential suite Carrie Underwood stayed there!! and they changed into their pi's!  
Working at the conference table on her crown!  It's hard to see, but the place mats had the girls names, all the Disney princesses and a place setting on them...it's precious!!

All smiles!  
Molly and her friends had the best time!  They loved playing hide n seek in the fancy hotel room with three bathrooms!  I think she actually learned a thing or two about manners, she yelled at the boys to NOT burp at the table!  Progress?!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Jack!!

Our sweet, loving, energetic, wonderful boy turned 8 last week!  How in the world is he 8 all ready?! These years are flying way too fast, don't I say that every year?!

For Jack's birthday this year, we kept things a bit low-key.  He couldn't really decide on what type of party he wanted or his parents didn't approve no sleepover and bowling seemed to make everyone bored unless it's their turn!  So, we decided that a few friends could spend the day with us to go rock climbing and to watch sports at Buffalo Wild Wings!
Presents first thing in the morning!  Nothing like waking up to a house full of love and excitement!

Not sure who was more excited about the NASCAR '14 Xbox game!

She was just excited that it was his birthday!
My parents came into town, and along with my brother, they took Jack to lunch at Jose' Peppers and then his friends came over so we could go rock climbing!

When we got to Monster Mountain we had some excited kids!  There is indoor soccer, gymnastics and this huge rock wall.  I called a few days ahead to confirm we were coming, asked all the rules, and what the best time to come was.  Long story short, I spoke to the absolute wrong person!  Everything they told me was wrong, we had to wait over an hour just to climb, and the boys kept getting into trouble...touching things, breathing, etc.  

Finally, FINALLY, they climbed!  Molly was going to also, but thankfully my parents took Will and Molly to the mall after all the waiting!

Practicing his mad skills!

Molly, Luke, and Jack warming up!  They could climb to the black line without a harness!
Words of advice:  Don't look down!  When you do, you panic and want down immediately!
Jack was the first one up and made it a bit above the black line!

Mid-panic here!  Isn't the guy in the red cute?  He is now trained and certified to be a rope guy!

Luke made it a bit further!  Good job Luke!

Alex, aka a monkey, made it towards the top on almost ever wall!!  He did awesome!
After an hour of climbing, we headed towards Buffalo Wild Wings!  When we began planning, we thought we could watch KU basketball, but they didn't get the memo to WIN!  That's ok, we still had fun!
Jack's delicious cake!  Well, I wouldn't know, but it was inhaled fast!

Everyone singing to Jack, even the K-State choir!  
After some food, songs, games, and drinks, we headed back to our house for the boys to play Lego's, Xbox, baseball, and whatever else they wanted!  Jack had a wonderful day and we are all truly blessed to have him in our life!  We love you Jack!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break~Six Flags Over Texas!

Our last stop of the trip was Six Flags!  We promised the kids on Sunday but plans changed due to weather, happy we picked Friday to go!  Temps in the lower 80's, sunny, and perfect!  We woke up early, ate the worlds best breakfast gotta love Embassy Suites and headed to Six Flags!  Our goal was to purchase a season pass and then use it in St. Louis too, but after a lot of thought and discussion, we decided to just buy a day pass.  It was a bit expensive but we had zero plans to go to St. Louis this summer so we didn't see the point!  

Jack and Molly were super excited about all the rids, Molly more than Jack actually!  Will was a bit nervous, which is understandable, there were some tall ones!  We rode what we could and no one complained about riding alone, whew!  
Taking in all the sights!

Part of the kid section!  They loved this one, until Will got a bit dizzy!  Think he's yelling at them to slow down!

Riding the train with  my favorite guy!

Another kid ride!  Love these three so much!!

No, Eric's ears didn't grow! 

Could you imagine wearing those costumes all summer long?!  

The boys loved driving the old cars, think we rode that one five time!  Molly loved all the roller coasters and was bummed when she wasn't tall enough for them, especially the upside down ones, all in good time my sweet girl!  We all enjoyed the water rides, especially the log ride!  Eric and I were both wanting to ride one roller coaster alone, but the lines got to be a bit long!  It was odd not ridding one super fast one!  Next time!!  We were there from 10:30, when they opened, until 8, not too shabby for our first time ever at an amusement park!

What I learned:

1.  Bring food!  This is a no-brainer, but we were limited on our snacks with this being the end of our trip and storage was tight!  
2.  Sunscreen!  I was the only one who burned, thank goodness!
3.  Wear cozy shoes!  We were fine, but there was a ton of walking!  
4.  Six Flags makes a decent salad!  Who knew?!!

Overall, a great day and great ending to our trip!  We headed home the next morning, all ready to go!  

Thanks for letting us share our journey with you!!

Spring Break~Austin!

We woke up early Thursday morning, ready to hit the road again!  We said fond farewells to all of our Katy friends that we managed to see and headed towards the capital of Texas, Austin!   But first, a stop here:

Only the BEST gas station EVER!!  I love their jerky, the bathrooms are clean, and they're food and service is amazing!  Sigh!  Reason number 657 why we miss Texas!

The only thing Jack asked to do on this trip was to visit the capital in Austin since it's the biggest in the nation, even taller then the United States Capital!  How can you say no to that request?!

We took a guided tour and learned so much about the capital, just don't quiz me on it now, two weeks later!

The outside!

The inside doom, four levels high!

The very top!!

Love that the letters around the Lone Star spell out Texas...in case you forget where you are!

Think this is where the House of Representatives vote, the boys LOVED this part of the tour!

Inside the Senate and House of Representatives, were these pictures of all the Representatives and Senators, so fascinating!

Obviously they dated back pretty far!  The kids loved seeing the old fashion pictures!
We looked for Rick Perry, but guess he was busy that day!  
Jack's picture of us after our tour, pretty much sums up our life!  We attempted one of all three kids, notice that's not on here!
If you're ever in the Austin area, this is a must!  The one regret about our time living in Texas was we only took one trip as a family to Austin, and that was before Will was even born!  I would love to come back, spend more time there, just maybe without the kids!  They can come back when they're older!  I wish we spent more than a few hours in Austin, but we had to move on!

Next stop:  Six Flags Over Texas!  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break Trip to Texas~Dallas

Last week the kids were on spring break, and after last years long, cold winter, I vowed a trip south was in order for this years spring break!  With this winter of tons of snow, ice, cold, we were ALL happy to get out of Kansas for a week in Texas!

Our first day of driving was great!  The kids are at such an easy age for travel, they all had toys and books, we watched a few movies on the portable DVD player, and we had yummy snacks on hand!  Easy trip until we reached the Texas/Oklahoma border because there were huge thunderstorms and lots of traffic!  The last hour of the trip turned into over two and a half hours, but the kids did awesome! And I was so thankful Eric was driving!  


We woke up Sunday with plans to go to Six Flags Over Texas, but with the temps in the 40's,wind and rain, plans changed!

We decided to go to the George W. Bush Library and Museum!  Six Flags vs. Presidental Museum=best parents ever!  No worries, we went to Six Flags later in the week!

The museum opened at noon, so we went to a nearby mall to get me some shoes!  I packed flip flops and my workout tennis shoes that are not very fashionable, first world problems, no, but I have to look cute!  While waiting for the shops to open, Molly loved all the pretty flowers inside the mall!  I love this picture of her, posing by the flowers!

After smelling all the flowers, we found one store open...any guesses?!

While the family entertained themselves, I picked out a cute pair of booties and we headed to the George W. Bush Library!  Our sweet family friend Marcella met us there, she worked with Eric in Houston and recently moved to Dallas!  We ALL love Marcella!

Whether your a history person or not, and if you love George Bush or not as a president, his museum was amazing!  Even the kids had fun!  

I didn't take pictures but the September 11 exhibit gave me goose bumps, the emotions, the footage, everything about the day was very powerful and moving!  Jack was fascinated by all of it and we spent a lot of time in that part, answering his questions and letting him absorb everything in.  

We saw a replica of the Oval Office, several gowns worn by Laura Bush, and tons of memorablleia 

So official!

The neatest collections of pens!  I had no idea pens had to be conserved!

Will learning all about "That guy over there!  Mom, did you know that guy, His birthday is July 6th!" I reply, "You mean President Bush?!"  Will, "Ya, that guy!"

More learning!  Two double thumbs up to the museum for all the technology, interactive games and activities!  The kids had a great time, who needs Six Flags when there are presidential libraries and museums?!

We took pictures of Marcella with the kids when we left....
What are they talking about?!  

I think this should be her Christmas card, adorable!

After lunch at In-N-Out burgers, delicious burgers but not so much on the fries, and Jack inhaled two cheeseburgers and fries...he was hangry after our fun day!

We said goodbye to Marcella and headed back to the hotel, but first we found Six Flags and AT&T Stadium where the Cowboys play! 

After our fun filled day, we stopped at Kroger, bought some snacks and vegged out in our hotel that night!

Next stop! Waco and Katy!

Spring Break Trips~Waco and Katy!!

My very loyal reader, my brother Matt, has been on pins and needles in the suspense of the next part of our Spring Break!  So, this one's for you Matt!

Monday, St. Patrick's Day, we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed south to Waco!  We had zero plans for the day except to check out of our hotel, drive to Katy, and check into our new hotel, a nice agenda!  We decided to go to Waco because we all love Dr. Pepper and when would we ever be in Waco again?!

The journey there was pretty smooth, except that Will was starving, STARVING!!  Screaming starving!  After a quick snack, we headed into the museum!

Handsome fellas!  

Apparently they were both starving!

There was a cute room when you first walk in that told the history of the museum and a puppet, character guy telling you the story!  It was also set up like the soda shops/pharmacy's!  Super cute!

The next room was about the bottling and different formulas they came up with to create the beautiful Dr. Pepper!

Cute girl on one of the old delivery trucks, next to the sign that says do not touch!  #momfail

Man he's cute!  This was a pretend store the kids played in for a super long time!  There was a huge room full of memorabilia and old commercials played!  We all enjoyed that room!

Love the table!

Serving up some food!

The next few rooms had old coolers, which the kids thought were the coolest but Eric and I aged ourselves when we told them we used to use those types of coolers with bottles!  

Cute kids!  The only downfall, no free samples of Dr. Pepper, but we all ordered one at lunch!

After a delicious lunch of Mexican, we headed southeast to KATY!!  We were all excited!  And, when we got there, some of our friends were at one of our favorite parks!!

That night, we had dinner at my friend Sherri's house and seriously it felt like old times! Wine, salad, kids playing, wonderful night!!

Next up:  More Katy fun!!