Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break Trip to Texas~Dallas

Last week the kids were on spring break, and after last years long, cold winter, I vowed a trip south was in order for this years spring break!  With this winter of tons of snow, ice, cold, we were ALL happy to get out of Kansas for a week in Texas!

Our first day of driving was great!  The kids are at such an easy age for travel, they all had toys and books, we watched a few movies on the portable DVD player, and we had yummy snacks on hand!  Easy trip until we reached the Texas/Oklahoma border because there were huge thunderstorms and lots of traffic!  The last hour of the trip turned into over two and a half hours, but the kids did awesome! And I was so thankful Eric was driving!  


We woke up Sunday with plans to go to Six Flags Over Texas, but with the temps in the 40's,wind and rain, plans changed!

We decided to go to the George W. Bush Library and Museum!  Six Flags vs. Presidental Museum=best parents ever!  No worries, we went to Six Flags later in the week!

The museum opened at noon, so we went to a nearby mall to get me some shoes!  I packed flip flops and my workout tennis shoes that are not very fashionable, first world problems, no, but I have to look cute!  While waiting for the shops to open, Molly loved all the pretty flowers inside the mall!  I love this picture of her, posing by the flowers!

After smelling all the flowers, we found one store open...any guesses?!

While the family entertained themselves, I picked out a cute pair of booties and we headed to the George W. Bush Library!  Our sweet family friend Marcella met us there, she worked with Eric in Houston and recently moved to Dallas!  We ALL love Marcella!

Whether your a history person or not, and if you love George Bush or not as a president, his museum was amazing!  Even the kids had fun!  

I didn't take pictures but the September 11 exhibit gave me goose bumps, the emotions, the footage, everything about the day was very powerful and moving!  Jack was fascinated by all of it and we spent a lot of time in that part, answering his questions and letting him absorb everything in.  

We saw a replica of the Oval Office, several gowns worn by Laura Bush, and tons of memorablleia 

So official!

The neatest collections of pens!  I had no idea pens had to be conserved!

Will learning all about "That guy over there!  Mom, did you know that guy, His birthday is July 6th!" I reply, "You mean President Bush?!"  Will, "Ya, that guy!"

More learning!  Two double thumbs up to the museum for all the technology, interactive games and activities!  The kids had a great time, who needs Six Flags when there are presidential libraries and museums?!

We took pictures of Marcella with the kids when we left....
What are they talking about?!  

I think this should be her Christmas card, adorable!

After lunch at In-N-Out burgers, delicious burgers but not so much on the fries, and Jack inhaled two cheeseburgers and fries...he was hangry after our fun day!

We said goodbye to Marcella and headed back to the hotel, but first we found Six Flags and AT&T Stadium where the Cowboys play! 

After our fun filled day, we stopped at Kroger, bought some snacks and vegged out in our hotel that night!

Next stop! Waco and Katy!

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