Monday, March 3, 2014

My Boys!

February was full of sweet Molly, between Molly getting her ears pierced and stopped sucking her thumb,  Daddy Daughter Dance,  her birthday, and her birthday party, that's a whole lot of Molly!  I promise the boys were still around and are alive!  Here is what they have been up to lately!

The other morning, we were watching TV and I glance over at Jack, and this is how he's watching the television...I'm perplexed!  Is that comfortable?  You can't see his head, but it's there behind his legs and I swear he sat like that for a good 20 minutes!   

Molly had a friend come home with us last week, and instead of moving all the boosters around, I just moved Will's to the back of the car next to Jacks!  This guy, thought he was the coolest ever!  Look at the proud smile on his face!  The only problem and reason he was moved back to the middle, he still struggles with buckling on his own!  I was not climbing back there every time we got into the car and we are patiently getting him to buckle up on his own!  I know he'll figure it out, but come on!

After school another day last week, we headed over to the local library to pick up some more books!  We all love the library and have a hard time selecting the best books!  Jack likes to go on his own and since the library is very enclosed, I just let him wonder...after I helped Molly and Will, we found Jack on the floor searching for books!  Love it!  After consulting with the librarian a few times, he finally decided on about five books!  

Last week, Jack also had a friend over and they built the "scariest" haunted house ever!  Actually, it wasn't scary but it was adorable that they let Molly and Will play, not a common task these days when a sibling has a friend over!

Later that night, Jack had his 2nd grade musical!  It was all to the oldies but goodies, like the Beatles and Elvis!  A very cute night with some great tunes and dance moves!  

Not the best picture, but our principal welcoming everyone on the bottom right and Jack is in the  row second to the top right in the middle.  Poor Will couldn't see him and everyone's wearing black..he finally found him though!  Whew!  
Now that our February birthday is over, it's time to focus on the March one, Jack's!  We have such a fun month ahead, with Jack's birthday, Spring Break, soccer practice starting, hopefully warmer weather!  Today is ANOTHER snow day, due to cold temps being -10...I just want warm, hot weather!  Guess I'll snuggle under a blanket and drink some hot tea instead!  
Have a great day!!