Friday, February 14, 2014

Ordinary Days!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you're having fun, spreading the love to all of your friends and family!  My kids had their parties on Wednesday, due to conferences yesterday and today, so we're home celebrating!  Well, most of us are, poor Jack woke up with a horrible ear infection!  Nothing says love like some Amoxicilan and a trip to the doctor Valentine's day morning!  We have a super fun weekend planned with bowling tonight, my family coming into town tomorrow, and date night with my cute husband Sunday!  But today, we are home relaxing, which is a common trend these past few weeks!  We've had four snow days in the past month, now off for a five day weekend!  Here's what we've been up to during our time off!

Our foot of snow from last weeks snow storm!  My brother-in-law shoveled our driveway the night before...can't you tell?!  Well, that's what happens when it continues to snow, winds blow the snow all over, and the snow plows come on through!  And that's right, my brother-in-law Todd came over to shovel because my sweet husband was on a business trip in California all week!  

Our backyard!  It's so pretty but man so cold! 
I will admit, after two days stuck inside, with three kids, no other adult interactions because Eric was gone...longest week ever! we had to get creative with our activities!  Movies, Lego's, trains, dress-up, dolls, and art can only last so long!

Molly washed every dish we had!  Our dishwasher was working just fine but she wanted to wash, so away she went!  

This is all day, every day but the snow days, they just kept playing, and playing, and playing....

Nice block Jack...and playing!  It ranges from basketball practice, to pig, to games, eventually to wrestling..always wrestling...always!

Decorated our Valentine's day boxes and cards!  Not Pinterest worthy but cute and totally them!  And yes, I did most of Jacks, judge away but then go look at those Pinterest ones and see that this passes for one he could maybe do!  

Spa day!  Several times too!

I tried these two new wines and loved them both...and no, I didn't drink them all within the snow days!  I promise!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!  

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