Friday, February 28, 2014

Molly's 6th Birthday Celebration!

Wow!  What an awesome week Molly had to celebrate her birthday! She is one very loved little lady, that's for sure!
Molly the night before her birthday, "take one last picture of me as a five year old!!!"  She is just too adorable!
Friday morning, ready for school!  Birthday treats, Daddy as a Watch DOG, art class...she was a tad excited!!  
School was a funfilled day!  Daddy was there, so she saw him all day long and got to be on the announcements with him and Jack!  At lunch, Kindergarten, second and third grade all sang her "Happy Birthday!"  She had art class after school and Daddy took her to pick out her new bike!!  Excitement doesn't even describe her!!
Birthday brownies for the birthday girl!  She wanted cheese and chocolate fondue for dinner, so that's exactly what I made her!  We had brownies for the chocolate, so that's what we used to sing to her!  

I was surprised at how easily she went to sleep that night after such an exciting day, but no worries, she was up at 7 ready for birthday party day!!

Molly wanted an art party and Michael's rents a room, so I saw a nobrainer there and booked the room!  I even had an employee helper the entire time!  

The girls gathering their supplies!

Painting their jewlery boxes!   For having 10 six year old girls, the room was so quiet and they were all so calm!  Next, they decorated the pink crowns with stickers while the jewlry boxes dried and then added jewels to the boxes!  They also made Fruit Loop necklaces!  Such an easy party and kept them quite entertained!!

Blowing out her candles!  Molly requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!  After cake, she opened presents and the girls went home!  The best part, I didn't have to clean my house, at all, and I left the party when everyone else did!!  Thanks Michaels! 

We went home and then Molly and I packed up for a night at a hotel!  My brother started working at a hotel recently and we booked a room for a relaxing night!  Well, I tried to relax but Molly had other plans!  

We walked around, this is our hallway, and talked to Matt a bit in the lobby!  We also saw the ballroom, restuarant, and basement!  She thought it was the prettiest hotel ever!

We did tons of art, paint, stickers, beads, coloring, you name it!  

We took a few silly pictures!

And we checked out the cool view of Kansas City!

Afer all the fun, we finally settled down and watched some Food Network, both of our favorites!  Molly passed out finally and had no problems sprawling out in her queen bed!  Luckily, there were two beds, so I also slept peacefully!

The next morning, she was up and doing art work early, but I was able to lay in bed and relax!  We finally got up and headed home to our boys!  

Molly had a wonderful birthday weekend celebration!  Thanks to everyone who called, sent cards, and celebrated with her!!!  Happy Birthday Molly! 

Now off to plan Jack's party for next month!!  Yay!!

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