Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Molly!!!

Our sweet, precious, loving girl I'm not little anymore! is 6 today!!  I say this with every birthday, but I think I blinked because those were the fastest six years EVER!!!

I'm linking up with the Five on Friday girls to talk all about all that we love about our Molly!!


38 weeks!  

Right after I had her...please just look at the cute baby in my arms!  

Molly came into the world on her due date, all on her own!  She started her life with the same motto I've given her: Molly Time!  She will do things, but only on her time!  Her birth, walking, potty training, coming out of her shell, reading...all on her time!  If you push her too much, she will resist and with FULL force!  But, that's why we love her!  She's independent, yet loves friends and family, and right from the start, has shown us she is fierce but loving!!  


That smile, those baby blues, she is so beautiful, not just on the outside, but the inside too!  She is so sweet and loving, kind, gentle, and has a heart of gold!  I love watching her grow up, and love our talks together every night or all day, she's a talker!    and love the unexpected things she says!  She is so, absolutely, the prettiest girl ever and it shows that pretty girls are the happiest!!  

Will 5 weeks, Molly 21 months!

Molly and Jack at the Houston Children's Museum July 2010!
Molly absolutely adores her baby brother and big brother!  She looks up to Jack as a role model, friend, and trusts him to lead her into the world with guidance only a big brother can give his little sister!  They are absolutely oil and water and fight like no other, but man do they love each other and can make up in no less than 0.002 seconds becoming best friends again!!

Her "baby" brother Will has always been her baby!  She loves on him, cuddles, reads, plays house, family, dress-up, trucks, they are such good buddy's!  They adore each other and fight on occasion, usually about Will wanting to be the Daddy and not the dog during house, but they make up quick and have a blast!  

Molly has always been the little mommy and loves to take on the mother role, even at school and with the boys at home!

She still asks for her baby sister but she says a dog will make up for that!  

Snuggling with Daddy on her first Christmas, with her first ear infection...poor baby!  Looking at this picture breaks my heart for her!

Daddy Daughter Dance!  February 2014

 Molly and Eric have the cutest, loving relationship!  I love watching the two of them talk, color together, play, and do projects together!  She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, so she dives in with him on any house project!  They both love it, he likes the helper and she loves the mess!  Perfect combo right there!!


Dear Molly,

Thank you for being you!  We all love you so much and have enjoyed the past six years watching grow, mature, laugh, smile, be silly, and loved on!  You are the best daughter, sister, friend, granddaughter, great-granddaughter anyone could ask for!  We are so blessed to have YOU in our lives!  We are so excited to see what God has planned for the next year and every year of your life!  We love you Molly!!


Mommy, Daddy, Jack, Will, and everyone who loves you!!!

What she woke up to this morning!

Happy Birthday Molly!  

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