Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Go February!

Last Ssturday, our family treked downtown to the Royals Fan Fest!  We had never been and our friends offered us their tickets and free parking , how could we pass it up?!

There was tons of things for the kids to do....

Run bases...look at those boys run!

Batting her pink boots...

Mad skills right there....he's ready for t-ball season!

Jack loved running the bases and baseball target throwing!  Didn't get a picture of that one, balls and kids were everywhere!!

There were tons of lines for autographs but we didn't get any because 1.  The lines were pretty long and weren't moving fast at all. 2.  Jack was only interested in getting two players autographs and neither had a session while we were there. 

But we did get autographs from the Fox 4 evening news anchors!

Abby Eden and Phil Whit, is it sad how excited I was to talk to them than any other Royals player?!  
We also watched Meterologist Mike Thompson from Fox 4 do tons of experiments and talk weather!  Another one we watch nightly!  Serious, loved seeing the entire Fox 4 crew and the kids loved all of experiments Mike Thompson did!  Let's be honest, Eric and I did too!

As we headed out the door, a baseball panel was having a question and answer session with the pitchers and Golden Glove we stopped to listen a bit!  The only one I know for sure that is up there is number 5 George Brett, right there in the middle!  I think Eric Hosmer is up there but not sure where!  

And no clue at all who everyone else is but I know they play or used to play baseball!

For a freezing , icy cold Staurday, the Royals Fan Fest was the perfect activity to get us out of the house and excited for baseball season!  Go Royals!!

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