Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance!

A few weeks ago, our kids school held their first Daddy Daughter Dance!  I loved Daddy Daughter Dance when I was little because it was such a fun dance where you had a guaranteed fun date, you hung out with all of your friends, dancing the night away!  

So, Molly and Eric had a blast and she talked endlessly about her friends, Daddy, and all the fun they had!

Her first corsage!  So happy it's from her Daddy!

Hard getting a picture of her standing still!  She kept twirling her dress, looking at her corsage, and bouncing up and down with excitement!

The adorable couple!  Love how he coordinated with her!  
After pictures with us, they headed to the Blue Moose and met up with a few friends!  The dad's watched sports and the girls colored!  Perfect!

The official dance photo!  Love it!
And then...they danced!  And danced!  "They played all my favorite songs!  All night long!"
They consumed a cookie or three throughout the night!

So cute!  Apparently she only wanted to dance with him since it was Daddy Daughter!  A few of her friends ran around and danced with each other all night, but Molly stayed with her Daddy!  Her friend Gemma and her dad danced closed and sometimes the girls would dance together, but she always picked her dad!  Heart melting!

At the end of the night with her sweet friends!  Love my girls smile!
When Eric and Molly got home, she talked nonstop about the dancing, her friends, and "it was the best night EVER!"  So happy they have such a sweet, special memory!  

As for the boys and I...we had a stellar night ourselves!
Dinner at Chipolte!  One of my faves!
Dinner of quesidillas, tacos and a salad bowl and then the boys took separate bubble baths!  Love them! 

What a great night for our entire family!   

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