Friday, February 28, 2014

Molly's 6th Birthday Celebration!

Wow!  What an awesome week Molly had to celebrate her birthday! She is one very loved little lady, that's for sure!
Molly the night before her birthday, "take one last picture of me as a five year old!!!"  She is just too adorable!
Friday morning, ready for school!  Birthday treats, Daddy as a Watch DOG, art class...she was a tad excited!!  
School was a funfilled day!  Daddy was there, so she saw him all day long and got to be on the announcements with him and Jack!  At lunch, Kindergarten, second and third grade all sang her "Happy Birthday!"  She had art class after school and Daddy took her to pick out her new bike!!  Excitement doesn't even describe her!!
Birthday brownies for the birthday girl!  She wanted cheese and chocolate fondue for dinner, so that's exactly what I made her!  We had brownies for the chocolate, so that's what we used to sing to her!  

I was surprised at how easily she went to sleep that night after such an exciting day, but no worries, she was up at 7 ready for birthday party day!!

Molly wanted an art party and Michael's rents a room, so I saw a nobrainer there and booked the room!  I even had an employee helper the entire time!  

The girls gathering their supplies!

Painting their jewlery boxes!   For having 10 six year old girls, the room was so quiet and they were all so calm!  Next, they decorated the pink crowns with stickers while the jewlry boxes dried and then added jewels to the boxes!  They also made Fruit Loop necklaces!  Such an easy party and kept them quite entertained!!

Blowing out her candles!  Molly requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!  After cake, she opened presents and the girls went home!  The best part, I didn't have to clean my house, at all, and I left the party when everyone else did!!  Thanks Michaels! 

We went home and then Molly and I packed up for a night at a hotel!  My brother started working at a hotel recently and we booked a room for a relaxing night!  Well, I tried to relax but Molly had other plans!  

We walked around, this is our hallway, and talked to Matt a bit in the lobby!  We also saw the ballroom, restuarant, and basement!  She thought it was the prettiest hotel ever!

We did tons of art, paint, stickers, beads, coloring, you name it!  

We took a few silly pictures!

And we checked out the cool view of Kansas City!

Afer all the fun, we finally settled down and watched some Food Network, both of our favorites!  Molly passed out finally and had no problems sprawling out in her queen bed!  Luckily, there were two beds, so I also slept peacefully!

The next morning, she was up and doing art work early, but I was able to lay in bed and relax!  We finally got up and headed home to our boys!  

Molly had a wonderful birthday weekend celebration!  Thanks to everyone who called, sent cards, and celebrated with her!!!  Happy Birthday Molly! 

Now off to plan Jack's party for next month!!  Yay!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Molly!!!

Our sweet, precious, loving girl I'm not little anymore! is 6 today!!  I say this with every birthday, but I think I blinked because those were the fastest six years EVER!!!

I'm linking up with the Five on Friday girls to talk all about all that we love about our Molly!!


38 weeks!  

Right after I had her...please just look at the cute baby in my arms!  

Molly came into the world on her due date, all on her own!  She started her life with the same motto I've given her: Molly Time!  She will do things, but only on her time!  Her birth, walking, potty training, coming out of her shell, reading...all on her time!  If you push her too much, she will resist and with FULL force!  But, that's why we love her!  She's independent, yet loves friends and family, and right from the start, has shown us she is fierce but loving!!  


That smile, those baby blues, she is so beautiful, not just on the outside, but the inside too!  She is so sweet and loving, kind, gentle, and has a heart of gold!  I love watching her grow up, and love our talks together every night or all day, she's a talker!    and love the unexpected things she says!  She is so, absolutely, the prettiest girl ever and it shows that pretty girls are the happiest!!  

Will 5 weeks, Molly 21 months!

Molly and Jack at the Houston Children's Museum July 2010!
Molly absolutely adores her baby brother and big brother!  She looks up to Jack as a role model, friend, and trusts him to lead her into the world with guidance only a big brother can give his little sister!  They are absolutely oil and water and fight like no other, but man do they love each other and can make up in no less than 0.002 seconds becoming best friends again!!

Her "baby" brother Will has always been her baby!  She loves on him, cuddles, reads, plays house, family, dress-up, trucks, they are such good buddy's!  They adore each other and fight on occasion, usually about Will wanting to be the Daddy and not the dog during house, but they make up quick and have a blast!  

Molly has always been the little mommy and loves to take on the mother role, even at school and with the boys at home!

She still asks for her baby sister but she says a dog will make up for that!  

Snuggling with Daddy on her first Christmas, with her first ear infection...poor baby!  Looking at this picture breaks my heart for her!

Daddy Daughter Dance!  February 2014

 Molly and Eric have the cutest, loving relationship!  I love watching the two of them talk, color together, play, and do projects together!  She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, so she dives in with him on any house project!  They both love it, he likes the helper and she loves the mess!  Perfect combo right there!!


Dear Molly,

Thank you for being you!  We all love you so much and have enjoyed the past six years watching grow, mature, laugh, smile, be silly, and loved on!  You are the best daughter, sister, friend, granddaughter, great-granddaughter anyone could ask for!  We are so blessed to have YOU in our lives!  We are so excited to see what God has planned for the next year and every year of your life!  We love you Molly!!


Mommy, Daddy, Jack, Will, and everyone who loves you!!!

What she woke up to this morning!

Happy Birthday Molly!  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance!

A few weeks ago, our kids school held their first Daddy Daughter Dance!  I loved Daddy Daughter Dance when I was little because it was such a fun dance where you had a guaranteed fun date, you hung out with all of your friends, dancing the night away!  

So, Molly and Eric had a blast and she talked endlessly about her friends, Daddy, and all the fun they had!

Her first corsage!  So happy it's from her Daddy!

Hard getting a picture of her standing still!  She kept twirling her dress, looking at her corsage, and bouncing up and down with excitement!

The adorable couple!  Love how he coordinated with her!  
After pictures with us, they headed to the Blue Moose and met up with a few friends!  The dad's watched sports and the girls colored!  Perfect!

The official dance photo!  Love it!
And then...they danced!  And danced!  "They played all my favorite songs!  All night long!"
They consumed a cookie or three throughout the night!

So cute!  Apparently she only wanted to dance with him since it was Daddy Daughter!  A few of her friends ran around and danced with each other all night, but Molly stayed with her Daddy!  Her friend Gemma and her dad danced closed and sometimes the girls would dance together, but she always picked her dad!  Heart melting!

At the end of the night with her sweet friends!  Love my girls smile!
When Eric and Molly got home, she talked nonstop about the dancing, her friends, and "it was the best night EVER!"  So happy they have such a sweet, special memory!  

As for the boys and I...we had a stellar night ourselves!
Dinner at Chipolte!  One of my faves!
Dinner of quesidillas, tacos and a salad bowl and then the boys took separate bubble baths!  Love them! 

What a great night for our entire family!   

Monday, February 17, 2014

How Molly Stopped Sucking Her Thumb and The Awesome Reward She Earned!!

 Molly was a lifelong left thumb and pointer finger in sonogram pictures and in womb started this habit!  
She's so cute!  That seems like last week, but no, five years ago!

I wasn't too concerned about her habit because...
1.  She was a great sleeper!
2.  She sooth herself, as in for hours, was quiet on long car trips  
3.  I had Will 19 months after she was born, I needed someone to sleep! 
4.  I wasn't honestly concerned until she turned 4...not sure why 4 stood out, but I just assumed she would outgrow it by then and she didn't!

Another factor that delayed the end of her thumb sucking, was our move from Texas to Kansas and she needed that comfort and security of her thumb, finger and green blanket, pictured above!  

Trust me, I've asked on here, online, at the dentist, her pediatrician, the general consensus on getting her to stop was to let her at her own pace!  Let her do it on her own and be accountable for her actions!  Yes, I made sticker charts, rewards, bribes, but it's true, she didn't stop until she was ready! It was so simple too!  Molly's in Kindergarten and everyone told me this was the golden year, due to her growing up, maturing, and knowing what is and is not socially acceptable!  Around Christmas, she got a paper cut on the magic finger and needed a band-aid, when she went to sleep that night, it was no big deal...until she woke up super excited and super early, and realized she slept without sucking her thumb and finger that night!  Yay Molly!  So, we talked about if she wanted to try again and she said yes but didn't think she wanted a sticker...after much discussion, we figured out that for every night she didn't put her finger in her mouth, she got one streamer in her room!  "It will look like my birthday everyday in my room!"
So, the streamers* worked and so did a band-aid, at first!  There were a few off nights, a few setbacks, but she did it, and all on her own!  We only praised her, encouraged her, and when she got frustrated or sucked her thumb and finger the night before, we would talk to her about growing up is hard and never got mad at her!  We even talked about if the princesses from Disney sucked their thumbs, and she looked at me like I was growing two heads!  Hey, it worked and helped her realized that she was growing up, could totally kick this habit, and do it all on her own!  

About mid-January, she was 100% done with thumb sucking, just like that!  I will admit, it's been hard for her to relax at night to fall asleep, she lost her lifelong comfort and it's hard figuring out a new way to relax to get to sleep.  Usually reading books works best for her!  

Now, for her reward!  I told her we would get her or take her anywhere in Kansas City!  Right away, she said she wanted her ears pierced!  So, after a bit of research, I made an appointment with her pediatrician** and we waited the week for the appointment!  I'm happy we had the week to prepare and discuss what actually happens when they pierce your ears!  

Finally, finally, the day arrived!  And none too soon since it was the third of three snow days!  A perfect excuse to get out of the house that afternoon!  With her teddy bear and brothers to support her, we were ready!  

In the waiting room, last picture of her ears with no holes!

The dots, the first one is always the easies!  

The first ear!  All she said was, "Ow and I don't want to do that again!"  Luckily the doctor just leaned over and did the second ear, right when I told her we would get cupcakes to celebrate!  Streamers and cupcakes, the true way to her heart!

At home, enjoying her cupcake!  She was a rock star!!  
Of course, we clean the ears two to three times a day, and spin the earrings...a tad dramatic the first few days, but going great now!  I can't emphasize enough how proud we are of our Molly for working hard at not sucking her finger and thumb!  I've always said this about her, she has her own Molly Time, and no one will get in it's way!   You go girl!

If you're looking for ways to motivate your child to stop thumb sucking, you know them the best and know what motivates them!  For her, it was streamers in her room, ears pierced and a cupcake!  If one of my sons was going through this, most likely, a new toy, a movie date, or a sporting event would motivate them!  And I promise, as hard as it is, let your child lead the way and want to stop when they are ready!  I was at the point last Thanksgiving to ordering a $135 glove that you lock on their hand...I'm so happy I saved that money!  But, I had a friend swear by this glove and bought two!  I had another friend that cut her daughters lovey or another that hid her daughters, thought of those but I felt like that was too mean!  And I've wanted to do my best to be upfront, honest, and truthful with my children, so I felt like that wasn't fair!  But, my best advice is to let your child lead the way and do what is best for your child!!

*Those streamers were the worse!  It was so hard to walk into her room, they were constantly falling, and we were running out of room to find a new place for the streamers!  It was cute and I wish I had one picture, but every time she got a decent amount, someone would tear them all down, her, a friend, a brother, me...they got annoying after awhile!  But it worked!!

**I choose the pediatrician after researching a little on ear piercing for kids.  I went to Clarie's as a kid and it was fine, but I've heard that they're not the best with young kids, making the earrings even, and are pretty forceful.  I was worried too because Molly has the smallest earlobes ever and I wanted them to look good!  Nothing against Claire's, just happy we went somewhere everyone knew her, she had been before and had good experiences each time!  Eric suggested a tattoo parlor, which makes sense since they do piercings all the time, but I was worried who she would get and what she would a tattoo or a nose ring!  Not on my time at least!!  

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ordinary Days!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you're having fun, spreading the love to all of your friends and family!  My kids had their parties on Wednesday, due to conferences yesterday and today, so we're home celebrating!  Well, most of us are, poor Jack woke up with a horrible ear infection!  Nothing says love like some Amoxicilan and a trip to the doctor Valentine's day morning!  We have a super fun weekend planned with bowling tonight, my family coming into town tomorrow, and date night with my cute husband Sunday!  But today, we are home relaxing, which is a common trend these past few weeks!  We've had four snow days in the past month, now off for a five day weekend!  Here's what we've been up to during our time off!

Our foot of snow from last weeks snow storm!  My brother-in-law shoveled our driveway the night before...can't you tell?!  Well, that's what happens when it continues to snow, winds blow the snow all over, and the snow plows come on through!  And that's right, my brother-in-law Todd came over to shovel because my sweet husband was on a business trip in California all week!  

Our backyard!  It's so pretty but man so cold! 
I will admit, after two days stuck inside, with three kids, no other adult interactions because Eric was gone...longest week ever! we had to get creative with our activities!  Movies, Lego's, trains, dress-up, dolls, and art can only last so long!

Molly washed every dish we had!  Our dishwasher was working just fine but she wanted to wash, so away she went!  

This is all day, every day but the snow days, they just kept playing, and playing, and playing....

Nice block Jack...and playing!  It ranges from basketball practice, to pig, to games, eventually to wrestling..always wrestling...always!

Decorated our Valentine's day boxes and cards!  Not Pinterest worthy but cute and totally them!  And yes, I did most of Jacks, judge away but then go look at those Pinterest ones and see that this passes for one he could maybe do!  

Spa day!  Several times too!

I tried these two new wines and loved them both...and no, I didn't drink them all within the snow days!  I promise!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Go February!

Last Ssturday, our family treked downtown to the Royals Fan Fest!  We had never been and our friends offered us their tickets and free parking , how could we pass it up?!

There was tons of things for the kids to do....

Run bases...look at those boys run!

Batting her pink boots...

Mad skills right there....he's ready for t-ball season!

Jack loved running the bases and baseball target throwing!  Didn't get a picture of that one, balls and kids were everywhere!!

There were tons of lines for autographs but we didn't get any because 1.  The lines were pretty long and weren't moving fast at all. 2.  Jack was only interested in getting two players autographs and neither had a session while we were there. 

But we did get autographs from the Fox 4 evening news anchors!

Abby Eden and Phil Whit, is it sad how excited I was to talk to them than any other Royals player?!  
We also watched Meterologist Mike Thompson from Fox 4 do tons of experiments and talk weather!  Another one we watch nightly!  Serious, loved seeing the entire Fox 4 crew and the kids loved all of experiments Mike Thompson did!  Let's be honest, Eric and I did too!

As we headed out the door, a baseball panel was having a question and answer session with the pitchers and Golden Glove we stopped to listen a bit!  The only one I know for sure that is up there is number 5 George Brett, right there in the middle!  I think Eric Hosmer is up there but not sure where!  

And no clue at all who everyone else is but I know they play or used to play baseball!

For a freezing , icy cold Staurday, the Royals Fan Fest was the perfect activity to get us out of the house and excited for baseball season!  Go Royals!!