Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Most Wonderful Christmas!

Our Christmas was one of the best ones we've had!  We saw so many family members, relaxed, ate delicious food, and enjoyed all of our friends and family!  Here's a recap and if you follow me in Instagram, sorry for a few repeats!  And I we had our first holiday gathering with my family on the Saturday before Christmas, but we took zero pictures!  We had so much fun too!  Darn!  Next time!

Eric's brother visited his girlfriends family in St. Louis and rode the train home Christmas Eve!  We picked him up at the train station, but only after lunch with my cousin and aunt at Buffalo Wild Wings!  Not the best place for someone with Celiac but the cake was to die for...look at those kids inhaling it!

After we dropped Todd off at his apartment, we came home to write letters to Santa and...

Make him cookies!  I couldn't believe I was out of cookies on the most important night of the year for cookies!

One of our Christmas Eve traditions is Fondue!  Yum!  Here is Mogo, Eric's grandma, Todd, his brother, Molly, Papa, Eric's dad, and Will in the green shirt!

Digging into the chocolate!  Here's one happy guy!

Opening the first presents and, drum roll, they got....

Pajamas!  It was near impossible finding Christmas ones for Jack, so he got sports ones and loved then!  
The next morning, we were up early, so ready to see what Santa brought us!
Here's the aftermath and the only picture I took!  Eric and Jack are looking at one of Jack's presents while Molly and Will were playing with there own presents!  A very successful year for ole Santa!

That night, after lunch at Eric's parents house and dinner at our house, we had a family sleepover in our basement!  We were all cozy and snug together, watched The Grinch, and slept great!  A fun tradition I'm excited to continue!

The next night, we hosted my family for Christmas and I made this delicious pot roast!  My house smelled heavenly all day!  I forgot to add on here, but my family played a really fun and intense game of Apples to Apples Junior, for real, a great time!
Finally, our last celebration was on the Saturday after Christmas at Mogo's house!  She hosted an ugly sweater party!  Lots of cousins were there, pizza or soup and salad here, and Eric shared 1st prize with his sister on ugliest sweater.  Technically, he had a t-shirt that looked like an ugly sweater, so there was some controversy.  
Here's all the second cousins present that night...Mogo has 5 children, 12 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren, the 13th due any day now!  Molly is the ONLY great-granddaughter, until number 13 is born!
From left, Jack, holding Cole, Henry, Will, Molly, and Kaden!

Overall, a wonderful holiday season for us!  

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