Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pine Wood Derby, 2014 Style!

Monday night was Jack's Cub Scout Packs annual Pine Wood Derby race!  We had so much fun last year and Eric and Jack started planning this years car a good six months before the race!  This year, the pack added a siblings race, so guess who else entered?!  Molly and a Will!  Three cars for Eric, I mean, the kids, to build!  He's a handy fellow, so he had fun and the kids liked helping too...for most of it!

We had to weigh in the cars Saturday and then the cars were under tight security until Monday nights race!  Everyone passed and the countdown to Monday night was on!

Here are the cars during voting!  Most Cub Scout Spirit, Best Do-it-yourself, and  Best Car were the categories!
From top, Will, Molly and Jacks on the bottom!  No prizes won but I think those are some nice cars!

Front row seat, ready to watch the races!  That's her official pass stating her car, race car number, and name!

Nothing gets better than all your buddies, Sprite, and a super fun night!!

Watching the races, Will loved every second of the night!  Especially besting both of his older siblings in the races!  And his buddy Hunter, on the left, is in Kindergarten but talks and plays with Will, so Will thinks he's the coolest...ever!

What a cute, official helper in the red shirt!  He helps with all the race and transports the track in his truck!  This must have been a great race, since I'm the only one not watching!

We all had such a fun night and we're happy for all of the winners, even though none of us won a prize!  We had some tears and major disappointment, but in so proud of my kids for trying, being great sport and good non winners!  Jack did so much better this year too, which only means next year will be even better! And yes, the car plans for next year are in the works!

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