Thursday, January 23, 2014

My First Five for Five in 2014!!

Happy Friday!  These last few weeks have made me feel like I need a vacation ASAP!  Complete with an umbrella in a yummy frozen drink and my feet in the sand!  Unfortunately, that's not in the cards right now!   But here's some five things that are!!

See that cute girl in the bright green leggings and cowgirl boots on the right?!!  I just adore her!!  She had strep last week and she is just the cutest, most precious sick girl one could ask for!  Here she is with her Daisy troop after a field trip to the bank and cupcakes to celebrate learning about money!

I found a new hobby, and fingers crossed, I think I'll actually continue on with it!  My friend introduced me to chalk paint by Annie Sloan, have you heard of it?!  I've been living under a rock until we went shopping at a cute boutique by our house and saw the wonder and beauty of Ms. Sloan!  I'm in love!

Here are the two end tables I painted on MLK Jr. Day, the kids were doing such a wonderful job playing together, I decided to tackle my first project!

The before!  We bought these tables when we moved into our first house, they have survived a dog, three kids, three moves, and I had mentioned to Eric I was thinking about selling them, but my sweet friend suggested painting them instead! 

Tada!  The end product!  I used French Linen with clear wax, it looks on the blue side here, but I promise you it's gray!  I love it!!  Next project!!  I'm so excited to start, wait until you see it!!
Does your kitchen table look like this..everyday?!  This is our dumping ground after school of just about everything, but the past few days this is our Pine Wood Derby table!  Jack's Cub Scout pack has their race next week and all three kids sign up, yes, there is a siblings race!  Eric's been working hard, but this is his element and he loves it!  I'm excited for the races and to see the final cars!

Will made this cute little bird feeder the other day at preschool and it's just the cutest bird feeder ever!  His description, "here's my bird's for the birds!"  Does that just not melt your heart?!  And the William, it's just so cute!  I sometimes forget he's actually a William, it's so grown up!  

And just because I want to...can we please go back there?!  Or to somewhere with a beach?!  Or that isn't zero when you wake up like yesterday morning?!  I miss summer! 

Venice, California October 2013
Linking up today with these great ladies!  Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I've heard so many great things about chalk paint! I need to find something to try it out on soon! Also, isn't Venice just great? We just returned from LA a few weeks ago and I am already ready to go back.
    Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

  2. That end table looks amazing...what a fantastic transformation! I love how one DIY project can really spruce up an entire room!


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