Monday, January 13, 2014

Ice Skating Adventures!

One night on our Christmas break, we went ice skating at Crown Center!  One of Eric's coworkers rents the rink out and invites their families, friends and coworkers!  Jack and Eric went last year but we all went this year and had a great time!  
Waiting on Daddy to get his ice skates on!  His laces were about as long as he is tall, for real, took him forever to get the laces under control!

We decided that I wouldn't skate but walk on the ice while Eric skated.  This worked out really well because Will had zero control of his legs on the ice and I walked with him while he held onto the wall.  Eric took turns going around the ice with all three kids, but for several reasons, someone was always with me either walking and hanging to the wall, eating, or calming down from a fall!  Next year I'll get ice skates!  

Jack did great for this being only his second time ever on ice skates!  He had a few falls, but got up and kept on skating like nothing happened!  Jack was on the ice for almost a full hour before he realized there were cookies and hot chocolate!

My buddy on the sidelines!  He like running in his skates on the rubber mats rather than skate on the ice!

Watching the skaters!  Love my silly guy!

Molly and Eric, he is such a sweet daddy!  She is our competitive perfectionist and she struggled with ice skating.  She kept slipping and was watching everyone else that wasn't falling, but with Eric and the walls help, she did great!  Proud of my Molly for not giving up!

The best part of the evening was watching the zamboni!  They were in awe of this machine!

Up close, Will jumped away at the last second and said, "that almost got me!"

What a fun night that our family still talks about!  One Kansas City tradition I'm excited to continue!

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