Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How I Succuessfully Gave Up Coffee

Hello, my name is Liz and I had a coffee addiction.  As in, go to bed at night and look forward to the first cup in the morning, drink almost a pot a day, all day, coffee drinker.  I would drink a few cups in the morning, then start up again after lunch when my energy levels started to dip down.  And creamer, I was so addicted to coffee creamer...yum, the delicious flavors that just added to the cup of coffee.  In Texas, I always used HEB vanilla low-fat creamer and went through a huge bottle almost every week.  Then, we moved to Kansas, where, as we know very well, there are no HEB anywhere in the state of Kansas.  So, I tested out several creamers and really liked the coffee mate all natural vanilla, and it was all natural, so it was so healthy.  Right?  Then, I went on a huge caramel kick and started buying the Bailey's caramel coffee creamer it's non-alcoholic, darn and went through two small bottles a week.  So, moral of the story, I drank way too much coffee and creamer everyday!

Then, enter the ole Celiac Disease, and I start rethinking every aspect of my diet and weight gain, or lack of losing any weight in three years.  An easy fix to cut tons of calories was my coffee addiction.  I reasoned with all the health benefits of coffee, because there really are some and the reason I justified that my almost pot a day was ok!

*Antioxidants, right there, fighting the immune system and digestive system!

*Stress decreases, unless you run out of creamer and then you stress out!
*Lessen symptoms of Parkinson's!  I would drink a cup to that!
*Great for the liver, cleans it out, especially if alcohol is consumed!  Obviously, I drink wine, need my liver cleaned out!
*Makes you happier!  Like I said, I looked forward to the next day knowing I had coffee coming.
*Lowers risk for Type 2 Diabetes!  Sign me up!  Hope that includes the coffee creamer lowers the risk!

Facts thanks to Mayo Clinic and Huffinton Post, so use with a grain of salt and realize that I'm not an expert, doctor, or professional!

Health benefits aside, I knew that plain old coffee was good for me, but not the coffee creamer and I tried plain, black coffee, making my own with almond and coconut milk, and no thanks! So, the Monday after the New Year's, because all new life style changes must happen on a Monday, I went cold turkey!  I drank hot water with lemons, out of my standard coffee mug, pretty much all day, and felt great!  No headaches, no longing for that one cup or taste.  By about Thursday of that week though, I was running on empty and caved into the Starbuck's drive-thru so conveniently located down the street from my house!  I used soy milk instead of the standard milk, since I'm limiting my dairy, and it was wonderful, delicious, well worth the almost $5 I paid.  But, it wasn't worth it by the end of the day.  I had a horrible headache and stomach pain, which I linked to that delicious coffee.  I was done, for good!  Never again!!

Until I fell off the wagon a week later!  What?!  I hardly slept the night before, Molly had strep, we went to the doctor in the morning, before I could eat breakfast, and by the time we saw the doctor, I got her medications, and attended a birthday party with Will, I NEEDED that coffee!!  I went to Starbuck's again!  I know!  It's so expensive but I can't have creamer in my house or I'll drink it!!  Again, headache and stomach ache, DONE!

But, I needed a bit of a pick me up, and I didn't want pop something else I'm cutting, except on special occasions...like the Pine Wood Derby when you need a coke because they didn't serve wine!  A friend of mine suggested tea and I don't normally like tea, or so I thought!  She suggested Yerba Mate and they have an orange flavor with energy, all natural, so delicious!  I bought some and LOVE it!  I look forward to my tea now, odd for me to type that!  I still drink my hot water and lemons in the morning, and after lunch have my tea with lemons!  I need to plant a lemon tree with the amount of lemons I consume throughout the week!

Dear Coffee and Creamer,

Hi old friend!  You have been such a great support to me over the years, helping me through the days of three young kids at home, surviving days where I had little sleep, my strength on those rough days!  You have also been with me on good days too!  Christmas, birthdays, everyday really was special, because I knew I would be spending time with you!  But, I have to end our friendship.  I will always hold a special place in my heart for you, but it's time for us both to move on.    I had my last cup ten days ago and I feel better then I have in a long time!  I have more energy!  I sleep better!  No more coffee breath!  No more stressing out and running to the store for creamer!  And, no more coffee from Starbucks!  It's been a fun journey, and no hard feelings, I promise!  Maybe I'll come back someday, but I don't see any reason to, it's time for us to say goodbye!  Thanks coffee and creamer!

Your Friend, 

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