Monday, November 3, 2014

The Zoo, A Blimp, Lost Teeth, Penny Lane: Sunbather, the World Series and a Double Rainbow...Whew!

I thought that title was more fun than "Life Lately!"

On a beautiful day last week, Will and I went to the zoo with our friends Rebecca and Barrett!
His one quest was to find the KU horse!  Success!!

On the train!!  Love my buddy!!

While we were grilling out one night, a blimp just decided float above our house!  So neat and so random!

This cutie lost both of her top two teeth!  Isn't she a beauty?!

No teeth!!

Penny Lane loves the to lounge in the sun, with a tennis ball, while laying on her back!  She really has a rough life!

We were all a little tired, nervous and super excited for our Royals before game 7 of the World Series!  We've been lifelong fans and it's been such a fun season watching the Royals!  So proud of the Royals and loved every second of the season!

Poor guy lasted until the 3rd inning!
5th for him!

That cute little girl watched the entire game!  She cried when the Royals lost saying "I just wanted them to win the World Series!"  Poor thing!

Saw this beautiful double rainbow on our way to school one day!  

What a great start to the day!  Love rainbows, especially two!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Second Annual Pumpkin and Pizzas!

Since this is the second year in a row, it's now an annual tradition!  Right?  Last night, we went to our friends house to eat pizza, drink wine and beer, and yes it was a Monday, and carve pumpkins!  We just love our friends Alex, Lizzie and Mack...their parents are pretty great too, and we always have fun when we're with all of them!  And we can't wait to meet their newest family member coming in February!!

So, after pizza, wine, and gossip, we got down to business!  

Those boys are intense!  

Working on a haunted house!  Eric did a cat for Molly's pumpkin!

Such concentration...and such great helpers!  

Aren't they the cutest girls ever?!!  

You may have noticed that the boys were MIA!  Well, they were too busy playing so we'll carve their pumpkins later this week!  Mack went to bed early, so he missed some of the party!  

Halloween Week is the BEST!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Will!!!

I blinked and my baby is now FIVE years old!  Only the fastest five years ever!  Wasn't he just this size?  All full of cuddles, content in his swing or in his Moby, hair black and eyes bright blue!  Most of that is still the same, except for being carried in his Moby and the black hair!
Will at 4 months!  Take him back to this size!!  That age!  Who cares if he had nights and days mixed up and I was close to losing my mind!

The birthday boy on his birthday!  Happy Birthday sweet Will!!

Every birthday needs to begin with doughnuts from Krispy Kream, and a Pumpkin Spiced Latte for me!!  Those babies were INHALED, think they like donuts?! to The Home Depot to build ambulances!  

He did most of his on his own!  He's looking longly at the wood glue, that was one hot commodity!  

I helped her, poor thing!  Let's just say building, tools, and construction will not be in our future!  

The birthday boy!  Just ready to attach the wheels!  

The wonderful daddy helping everyone!!  

Man...he's cute!  I really like him!

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like getting your picture taken here...

and here!  He was a little distracted!  

She loves a hat!  
Not the best picture but he did this for his brother...isn't he sweet?! to Will's soccer game!  Where...he received his medal even though he had two more games remaining in the season and scored a goal!!  Go Will and the Wolves!!

Award ceremony...very formal and official!

He is too cute!!  

After his game and Jack's,  it was time for Will's party....but that's going to be a whole 'nother post!  Took way too many cute pictures!  Next time!  

Will's birthday dinner choice...Steak n Shake!  Look how excited he his!  What isn't to like?  Milkshakes, hamburgers and fries?  I had the chili and it was very tasty!  Who knew!

The girls!  Once again I helped Molly assemble her car and it just fell apart...sorry Molly!  Put we had a fun and intense few games of tic-tac-toe!

Happy Birthday to our favorite FIVE year old!  We love you Will!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Life Lately... might have noticed that I took a mini blog vacation the past month!  To summarize:

~School started for ALL of us!  3rd, 1st, Pre-K and I'm an assistant teacher at Will's preschool!  
~Soccer, cheer, soccer, Cub Scouts, Daisy's, gymnastics x 2, PTO, birthdays...
~General everyday life!  Cleaning the house, cooking, grocery shopping, laundry...that takes up a good chunk of time!

I will do my best to start going back to regular updates!  

For now...
Jack and Molly on their first day of school!  So far...the school year is going great for both!

With everyone at school, Will and I had a good three weeks off before we started school!  Which meant we spent a lot of time at parks, the zoo, Deanna Rose, and play dates with friends!

I've been trying to get out to walk the dog most mornings, which means I get to see gorgeous sunrises like this one!  Such a great way to start the day!

Will started soccer and he's ADORABLE!!  He's so excited to finally be playing soccer like Jack and Molly!

Go Wolves!  

Love when I find surprise pictures on my phone!  Love these two so much!

Our sweet Penny!  She's is adjusting to life with us just fine!  

Go Sharks!  Jack is having a great soccer season and has played Goalie twice!  We're so proud of him!!

Jack's class had a field trip to Kauffman Stadium...and that night the Royals made it into the playoffs!    Go Royals!  

Jack eating lunch on his field trip...only the coolest one he's ever been on!!
We officially have a cheerleader in the house and she LOVES it!!  

Molly cheering at a football game!  Go Molly!

A boy and his best friend!!  They love each other and are good buds!  The be honest, Penny is good buds with all of us!!

That's it in a nutshell...I promise to be back and update more!  I miss this little blog of mine!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Day of Summer Break

The kids started school on August 14th...way too early in my opinion!  Honestly, the were ready, excited, and happy to start school again!  On Wednesday, August 13th, we had a fulfilled day!

First....Will's snack!  Back before I had Celiac, this would be my go-to choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack...or sometimes, my meal for the entire day!  Sad and so not healthy but true!  Apparently this love for cereal is inherited based on Will's snack choice that morning!

"I'm ready to go mom!"  Think the heals and sash are a tad much!  

We've had the Nelson Atkins Art Museum on our must do summer list for two summers and we finally got down there!  Whew!  Eric and I took our engagement and wedding pictures here and I've always loved the entire area! 

Outside with the famous monuments!

Not sure why but there were teepee's all over the back lawn!  The kids loved going inside of them and picking out they're "rooms" where they would sleep!

They did pretty good inside the museum and really liked looking at the pictures, sculptors, and artifacts.  Of course, nothing beats a good old magnify glass!

I mean, can he be any cuter?!

We had a great last day of "summer!"  Third and First they come!!