Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Where to Begin?!!

Why hello there!  Sorry about the little hiatus that I unexpectedly went on!  Like, for real!  If you might remember way back in March/February when my laptop got a virus...well, the laptop just wasn't ever the same afterwards, even with Eric fixing it...all the time!  We had a very old desktop that did pretty good, up until last week that is!  One morning, Eric was working from home and he went to turn on the old desktop and it apparently died because it didn't wake all!  So, we are the proud new owners of a new desktop, its fancy and I don't know how to use it!  Like my new car!  I have so much to tell you!  Hope I can get to it all!  Here's a recap:

Isn't he dreamy?  My adorable husband grew a beard for No-Shave-ember and I love it!  Really didn't think I would but when he shaved in December I asked him to grow that beard back and he did!  

We had our official visit to Santa, complete with our lists, candy canes, and no tears!  Good job kids!  Now, just stop adding to those lists!  I was going to use the top Santa picture for our card this year, but I decided to forgo Christmas cards.  I feel as though it's not the greatest picture, maybe it's Jack's skeleton hand, maybe.  I love to receive cards and it makes me sad that we didn't do it this year, but I'm at peace with my decision, especially after going to the post office yesterday!  Wowza!  That's a place you couldn't pay me to stay in any longer!  Next year!  I promise!

I have been baking like crazy lately!  Eric's work had a Christmas lunch where everyone brought in treats, I helped my mother-in-law bake because her oven is broken and I made these delicious Nieman Marcus Cookies, which smelled Heavenly, and the kids and I had a baking day last weekend!  Wish I could try a few of the treats but.....

Part of the reason I've been a little MIA, is that I recently have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, aka, I can't eat anything with gluten...flour, rye, barley, wheat, etc.  Just planning meals, daily eating has changed my world and it's been a process figuring out this new "life style."  I'm not a big bread person, I don't like sandwiches for the most part, but gluten is in EVERYTHING!  A big wake up call for sure!  Remember when I thought peanut butter was making me sick?    Nope, it was the bread!  I realized that I was living in a lot of pain, discomfort, and a lot of health questions that I've had for a long time are being answered!  Trust me, I have a long way to go but I'm happy to get my life, body, family healthy!  So long processed foods!  So long gluten!  Here comes a healthier Liz in 2014 and forever!  

Will had his first Christmas concert...isn't he the cutest ever?!  He's in the very front row next to his buddy Grant and right behind the microphone!  We heard his sweet little voice and it was adorable singing "Jingle Bells!"  

Speaking of "Jingle Bells,"  Jack's Cub Scout pack sang carols at a nursing home last night, again, such a sweet voice!  He's the second on the right in the front row!  I love my Jack in uniform!

After carols, we all went to McDonald's for dessert or dinner for my family, except me, I'm happy to do without McDonald's in my life!  Now to get the rest of my family on board!!  While eating though...Molly lost her first tooth!!!
Isn't she the cutest toothless girl ever?!  Wait, didn't she JUST get her teeth?!  

We are counting down the days until Christmas!  Lots of excitement here and I love, love, love the joy my children are bringing me this year with Christmas!  Will's Christmas party is today, Molly's and Jack's tomorrow and we have lots of parties and fun this weekend planned!  

Happy to be back in the world of Blogs!  

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