Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So Many Reasons to be Thankful!

One of my all time favorite months is nearly over and I've been MIA for most of it!  On here, not in life!  Here is an overview of the past, fulfilled November!  
We made a trip to Iowa City to visit my parents and our friends from Chicago, Betsy and her family met us there too!  We had a very relaxing weekend and I just adore Betsy and her cute, growing family!   Here are our kids together after our relaxing weekend! 

A cold front moved in and I showed Molly the cold air and temps that was heading our way, her response, "Is there a rainbow coming?!"  I absolutely adore her!

We went as a family to the KU football game!  For $0.77 a ticket we splurged and had a wonderful day!  We had a great view, lots of entertainment with the band in front of us, cheerleaders, Uncle Matt and his girlfriend Amanda (!!!!!), and a KU win!  Complete with the students rushing the field and tearing down the goalpost!  I love KU and all my favorite people were there!

I took Molly to her first school skating party and it was a superhero themed!  She wore her cape from her buddy Joshua's party in the spring and was so precious!  1.  She is the cutest ever!  2.  There were lots of falls and a few tears, but she did awesome!  I'm so proud of her going out on the rink and trying her best!  She never gave up and wasn't intimidated by the "big" kids!  3.  I didn't fall once, whew!  4. Wow!  Skate parties are so much fun!  Would love to have a school parent skate party!

Went with my sweet friend Jill to hear Kathy Walkile and her husband Rich speak about her cannoli's!  She appears on The Real Houswives of New Jersey and was super sweet and honest about their life on TV and off!  Her cannoli was delicious too!

Jack and I found some last minute tickets to a KU basketball game against Fort Hayes State!  Love, love, love KU basketball and Jack was in Heaven!  We had the best time, awesome seats, and a KU win!  I think we're KU's good luck charm!

Elliott the Elephant, aka Will's class mascot, came for a visit to our house last weekend!  Here's a sneak peak at Will taking Elliot for a spin in his raptor!  As I'm typing this, I realized I never blogged about Will's birthday party or his truck!  In good time!

There is so much I'm thankful for and thank God for daily!

*My sweet husband!  He gives us so much and is truly my best friend!
*My three great kids!  I'm honored to be their mom and love that they are all mine, and Eric's!  
*Friendships and friends all over the country, here in Kansas, all the way to Virginia and California, and down in Texas!  
*Our health!  We have been fighting colds and I'm having so "issues" but overall, we are healthy and so thankful for our health!
*A warm, cozy home!  It is blustering cold and we have a home that keeps us snug!
*Family time!   Last night my in-laws had a dessert party with Eric's family, my family will be around all weekend, and I love having family for the holidays!  
*My children's teachers and schools!  Wow!  Blown away every teacher this year!  Words can't describe how blessed our children are at their schools!
Many Thanksgiving Blessings!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy NOVEMBER and Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, Happy November, and Happy Day After Halloween!  We all had so much fun at two school parties, a parade, and Trick or Treating yesterday!  I'm linking up today for Five for Friday to kick off the weekend!

Will's preschool didn't celebrate Halloween, instead they had a Fall Harvest Party!  I helped at his party and it was so great seeing him in his classroom, with his friends and teachers, my little boy is growing up!  Here he is at circle time with his friends!  I just love that kid!

Speaking of kids I love, aren't they the cutest three you've ever seen?!  This picture is one of my all time favorites ever because they are all three looking at the camera!  Yay!  

Fall is in full force here and I just love driving down our street, looking out the windows, and enjoying the beautiful fall leaves!  

I just finished reading "The 5th Wave" yesterday and I was in shock when 1.)it just ended  2.)  that I loved this book as much as I did staying up until midnight reading, reading in the middle of the day amazing book  3.) The sequel doesn't come out until May 6, 2014!  I can't wait that long!  What happens next?!!  If you like "The Hunger Games" or "Divergent"  you will LOVE "The 5th Wave!"  Run, do not walk to get this book!  Right NOW!!

I didn't lounge around all week and read, just most of the week, kidding!  I went to a sweet friends house with Will one day and while Will played with her daughters and had a blast, my friend taught me how to make homemade bread!  I didn't realize what a process it was but I'm so happy that I saw an expert at work and learned from her! 
About halfway done, letting the dough rise!
Will and I were able to bake our loaf of bread at home and the smell was amazing!  Seriously, mouth were watering and everyone kept looking over at the bread while it cooled, wishing they could just tear into the that warm loaf!  
I'm not sure if this will be something I start to do more regularly, but I hope to more and more!  And yes, the bread was amazing!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!