Thursday, October 17, 2013

More LA Fun!

Friday night, we headed out to dinner with Marie and her husband Edwin at Paradise Cove in Malibu!  It's a restaurant right on the beach, with amazing views and food!  We got there right after sunset and it was beautiful!  We ordered amazing drinks and food...
Calamari anyone?!  
and spent the night talking, laughing, and enjoying adult conversations!  If you ever go, get their fish tacos, AMAZING!
Not the best view of the beach or ocean, but it's there, promise!!
The next day, we were up early, since we were still on Midwest time, and headed to....

Yay!  Rodeo Drive!!  Dream come true, weird, I know!  We walked around and ate brunch at a FABULOUS restaurant, The Farm of Beverly Hills!  I had the best vanilla latte EVER!  Ever!  Everything on the menu looked great, our food was the best food we had all trip and we ate at some GOOD places!  The people watching was so much fun!  I swear we saw someone famous, we had to, but I'm just not that on top of my celebrity gossip as I once was!  Good think I just started subscribing to US Weekly!!!  Thanks Groupon!    Everyone drove super fancy cars, which Eric loved seeing, and everyone was so cool, so LA, I loved it!  

After we ate, we went into all the stores on Rodeo Drive, so much fun!!

The hotel from "Pretty Women,"  sad, it looks a tad rundown!  But still neat to see!
We then hopped back into the car and drove off to the beach!
Drove by Kyle from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill's store!
We went to Venice Beach and if you ever want the BEST people watching EVER, go there!  Amazing!

Love this guy so much!  And everyone loved his Kansas shirt!  

Love this view!  

How about one more!!  
We then ventured over to Hollywood, I had to see what all the fuss was about!  I was told I would be disappointed, but I wasn't at all!  The people, the excitement, loved it all!!
Hello Hollywood sign! Love the red sign photo bombing the Hollywood sign!

So neat!!

Just think of all the stars that walked through here at the Oscars?  

So fun looking for all the famous names!  

So cool finding her!!

The closest I'll ever get to George Clooney and his hands!  
After walking some more, we were hungry and we had to eat at In-n-Out! No picture, just pure, 100% happiness in my tummy!

Sadly, I had to go home Sunday, before I left though, we had breakfast with Marie's family at their house!  Wonderful ending to a wonderful weekend!  I was a tad bummed that I didn't see one famous person, but that's fine, I guess they didn't get the memo I was coming to town!  So thankful for my time there with Eric, Marie and her family, and for my in-laws for watching our three kiddos!

Just one more!  I will be back, oh yes, sooner, rather than later!

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