Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fun Weekend Trip to LA!!!!

Oh, yes!  I just got back by "just" I mean Sunday I got back from a fast and fun-filled weekend in Los Angeles!  Eric had meetings out there all week and the stars aligned so that I could tag along!  No school Friday, no soccer, grandparents were free, yes, yes, and yes!  I have never been to Southern California and fell in love with everything about Los Angeles!  

We flew out Thursday morning and when we landed, we had to wait for our gate for awhile!  We happened to be parked in the International flights sections, we saw planes headed all over the world!  
Off to Korea!  So neat!
After we got off the plane, got our luggage and rental car, we hit the highway and I saw so many popular streets, palm trees, and this little gem!  
Pacific Ocean from the Pacific Coast Highway!  Such a pretty view!  
We drove up to Malibu and I am in love and ready to move to Malibu!  Then, we headed through the mountains to our hotel!  By the way, our hotel had the BEST beds ever!  So cozy, so soft, so wonderful!  Eric had to work a bit, so I laid in bed and watched TV.  Seriously, amazing!  We then got ready for dinner, which was delicious, but went to bed super early! And yes, I slept like a baby!

The next day, Eric had meetings, so I got ready, watched the very entertaining local news stations, and waited for my friend Marie!  
It was a tad chilly, but perfect weather for boots, sweater and leggings!  
My friend Marie and her family are friends of ours from Texas that recently moved to LA, and they live right down the road from Eric's meetings!  Yay!  Loved seeing my sweet friend!  

We went to the Ronald Reagan Library, also down the road from us, and were so excited to go!  Eric had been several times for work and raved about it, so it was something I really wanted to see while out there.  Darn Government shutdown though, part of it was closed.  So annoying, but we did get to see a few fun things while there!
Ronald Reagan's Grave

The beautiful view from his grave.  I could stare at this all day!

Part of the Berlin Wall!

A nice security guard opened the curtain to let us see the beginning of the museum, this is the beginning of the the museum and really wished we could have seen more!

The statue of President Reagan outside the museum!  Love the flowers at his feet!
So, we walked around and saw all of these neat things, took in the beautiful weather and views, and waited for the Air Force One section to be opened!  
Air Force One, used by President's Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush!  

The side view!  We were allowed inside and it was set up exactly like it had been for all the seven presidents that had used the airplane.  We were not allowed to take pictures, but I promise you it was super neat!

Giselle, Marie's youngest daughter, and President Reagan's picture, made with Jelly Belly's, his favorite!
A picture of all of us!

Marie was the very first friend I met in Texas, we were pushing our baby girls on the swings while are active two year old boys ran around a park!  We talked the entire time but I accidentally gave her the wrong number!  We met again a few months later at a mutual friends birthday party, found out we were pregnant with our third and due at the same time, and became instant friends!  Her kids and mine were fast friends, all the same ages, and we just love her family!  Yay to amazing friends!

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  1. Sounds so awesome Liz! And yay for getting to spend time with Marie.


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