Friday, October 4, 2013

Five for Friday...Happy Birthday to Will Edition!

Today is Will's 4th birthday!  I think I blinked because those were about the fastest four years ever!  Here are the top FIVE reasons we love this sweet little boy!


He's only the cutest, most precious, sweetest, kindest boy out there!  I mean, look at the adorable face only hours old!  That little Mohawk he was born with melted me from the start!  And those eyes, I have never seen such beautiful eyes, they make me weak!!

Will aka Kasey Kahn!

Will the farmer at the Johnson County Musuem, July 2012
When defining the word "Boy" in the Webster's Dictionary, his face appears!  Will loves all things, loud, fast, dirty, and with balls!  He wants to be a NASCAR driver, football player, and firefighter when he gets older! Will also said he wants to be a farmer with his daddy and drive a big green tractor!
Will and his buddy Cameron!  He LOVES his Cameron so much!
Will's snuggles are the BEST!  He loves, loves, loves to snuggle, hug, and be loved on!  Everyday, he hugs us all and just asks for snuggles!  Yes please and thank you!


At the dentist earlier this year!
Will has always been a calm most of the time, go with the flow, laid back kid!  He's a great sport and buddy to have hanging out with you all day!  How can the dentist not be fun with my buddy hanging out with me getting me teeth cleaned?!!!

Just a normal day around here!

Cute boys playing!  Summer 2010
Will is only the best little brother anyone can ask for!  He adores his brother and sister so much!  Will plays house and family with Molly all the time, even if he has to be the dog!  Jack and Will are always playing trains, trucks, NASCAR, and football together!  I'll catch Jack reading Will some non-fiction book on the 50 states and Will just sits there as though Jack is reading him the best book ever!  Will loves his brother and sister more then they will ever know and they are so lucky to have him as their little brother!

We are so thankful God has blessed us with our sweet, lovable, kind, fun, boy!  Life would be so quiet and God knew what he was doing when He placed Will in our lives, hearts, and arms!  Will has completed our family and brought us so much joy!  We love you Puggy Bear!

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  1. Can not believe he is 4! Such a cutie! Happy late Birthday to him!


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