Friday, October 18, 2013

Five For Friday!!!

Happy Friday and Happy Alaska Day to all my readers in Alaska!  Here are some of my top favorites today!!

This cute guy comes home today after being gone since last week!  Yes, last Thursday we flew to LA and I came home Sunday, while he stayed for work all week!  We all miss this cutie so much and we're ready for our family to be complete again! I miss sleeping next to him the most!  I've had one kid a night sleep with me and I think those were the worse three nights of sleep ever!  Between the coughing, the kicking, hitting, moving around, talking in their sleep, I'm ready for my Eric to be home!  

Molly and Will's gymnastic classes finished the first session this week and held their certificate ceremony at the end of class and a little free play!  Parents come in the last twenty minutes of class to see what their child has learned in the session, then we can take pictures as they get their certificate!  
Molly, so cute and proud!!
Will, also cute and proud!  

Love this gymnastics program, not sure an Olympian will come from it, but it's a fun, structured, learning environment!  

Jack stayed home from school on Wednesday due to a nasty cough, yes, he was the cougher that coughed, hacked, snored, and coughed all night long!  We had a nice, relaxing day together while the other two were at school!  After school Wednesday, when he was feeling so much better, we made play dough for Will's preschool class!  Each month, one kid from his class makes the play dough and this is our month!  It was super easy, super fun, and we all want to make it again for our family!
My cute helpers!  Love Jack laying on the counter watching!  And the pot was not hot at all, at this point at least!!
We had Will's four year check-up yesterday, four years means four shots!  Poor Buddy!  I still get tears in my eyes when my kids get shots, my poor babies!  He also went to the dermatologist with Molly on Tuesday, both had to have a few things looked at and removed.   It didn't hurt, but the afterwards wasn't the most comfy!  They were both super brave!!  
After the doctor drinking hot chocolate and watching Doc McStuffins, so fitting!  I can't get over how big he looks here!  

Started reading this book on the flight home and fell in love with it almost immediately!  Brilliant piece of literature, one of the top five books I've read, ever!!  I could not put the book down and when I did, I missed reading it!  I miss it all ready!  Run to your local library to check it out, I promise you'll love it!!  I really want to have another child and name him Gus, I loved him so much, my heart hurt, cried, and laughed for them!  

Linking up with this cute bunch of ladies this week!  Have a wonderful weekend!  


  1. I am always looking for a great book and I'm excited to take your recommendation on this one! Thanks for linking up with us :)

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