Thursday, October 3, 2013

A little birthday celebration!

I had a birthday last week and it was oh so much fun!  I was blessed more then words could express!  Lots of love and hugs from my family, phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages...a wonderful day indeed!

Here's a small glimpse at my special day!

I woke up to three VERY excited kids and one excited husband!  They showered me with hugs, kisses, balloons, and cards!  I got my food processor, they are so thoughtful!  Eric took the day off from work isn't he the best?!  I actually had a doctor's appointment, so he took care of the kids for school, and off I went to the doctor!  No worries, all is good but I might update on here about everything!  We'll see!  I then stopped by a sweet friends house for a bit before heading to lunch with another friend! I absolutely love Nordstrom's Cafe, and that's where we went for delicious soup, salad and wine!  And she brought her adorable baby boy, lots of cuddle time for me!  

After lunch, I headed off for....
A haircut!  Finally!!  I don't know why I wait so many months between cuts and color!  
After my haircut, I went home to relax with the family before dinner out to Oklahoma Joe's  and Jack's soccer practice!  Our whole family loves going to Jack's soccer practices because 1.  there is a playground.  2.  ALL of our friends from school are there and their parents!  3.  Jack's coach is so good with the boys.  As in, get your attention, play your best soccer, and he's so funny and makes practice fun for everyone!  Weird description but the truth!  

After practice, ice cream cake!!
Photo courtesy of Jack!  Will on the left is thinking..."Only one more week for me!"  The cute boy in the middle is prepping everything!  And the pumpkin on the right is just a tad creepy!

 A cute family picture by Jack!
Eric invited some friends over for ice cream cake, so we had an impromptu birthday party at 8 o'clock with our friends, who the dad is Jack's soccer coach!  Like I said, he's a funny guy and we just love their family!  

What a great birthday and I couldn't imagine a better day to kickoff a great year!  

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