Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

We are so super excited for tonight!!  Will and I are getting ready to go see the big kids in their Halloween parade and parties at school!   The pumpkins are carved, candy is purchased last minute, on sale at Target! and the costumes are ready to be worn!
Think that's enough?!!  Please help me NOT eat anymore Rolo's!  They are too delicious!

My favorite KU football player, Chiefs cheerleader and Fireman!  
Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five For Friday!!!

Happy Friday and Happy Alaska Day to all my readers in Alaska!  Here are some of my top favorites today!!

This cute guy comes home today after being gone since last week!  Yes, last Thursday we flew to LA and I came home Sunday, while he stayed for work all week!  We all miss this cutie so much and we're ready for our family to be complete again! I miss sleeping next to him the most!  I've had one kid a night sleep with me and I think those were the worse three nights of sleep ever!  Between the coughing, the kicking, hitting, moving around, talking in their sleep, I'm ready for my Eric to be home!  

Molly and Will's gymnastic classes finished the first session this week and held their certificate ceremony at the end of class and a little free play!  Parents come in the last twenty minutes of class to see what their child has learned in the session, then we can take pictures as they get their certificate!  
Molly, so cute and proud!!
Will, also cute and proud!  

Love this gymnastics program, not sure an Olympian will come from it, but it's a fun, structured, learning environment!  

Jack stayed home from school on Wednesday due to a nasty cough, yes, he was the cougher that coughed, hacked, snored, and coughed all night long!  We had a nice, relaxing day together while the other two were at school!  After school Wednesday, when he was feeling so much better, we made play dough for Will's preschool class!  Each month, one kid from his class makes the play dough and this is our month!  It was super easy, super fun, and we all want to make it again for our family!
My cute helpers!  Love Jack laying on the counter watching!  And the pot was not hot at all, at this point at least!!
We had Will's four year check-up yesterday, four years means four shots!  Poor Buddy!  I still get tears in my eyes when my kids get shots, my poor babies!  He also went to the dermatologist with Molly on Tuesday, both had to have a few things looked at and removed.   It didn't hurt, but the afterwards wasn't the most comfy!  They were both super brave!!  
After the doctor drinking hot chocolate and watching Doc McStuffins, so fitting!  I can't get over how big he looks here!  

Started reading this book on the flight home and fell in love with it almost immediately!  Brilliant piece of literature, one of the top five books I've read, ever!!  I could not put the book down and when I did, I missed reading it!  I miss it all ready!  Run to your local library to check it out, I promise you'll love it!!  I really want to have another child and name him Gus, I loved him so much, my heart hurt, cried, and laughed for them!  

Linking up with this cute bunch of ladies this week!  Have a wonderful weekend!  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

More LA Fun!

Friday night, we headed out to dinner with Marie and her husband Edwin at Paradise Cove in Malibu!  It's a restaurant right on the beach, with amazing views and food!  We got there right after sunset and it was beautiful!  We ordered amazing drinks and food...
Calamari anyone?!  
and spent the night talking, laughing, and enjoying adult conversations!  If you ever go, get their fish tacos, AMAZING!
Not the best view of the beach or ocean, but it's there, promise!!
The next day, we were up early, since we were still on Midwest time, and headed to....

Yay!  Rodeo Drive!!  Dream come true, weird, I know!  We walked around and ate brunch at a FABULOUS restaurant, The Farm of Beverly Hills!  I had the best vanilla latte EVER!  Ever!  Everything on the menu looked great, our food was the best food we had all trip and we ate at some GOOD places!  The people watching was so much fun!  I swear we saw someone famous, we had to, but I'm just not that on top of my celebrity gossip as I once was!  Good think I just started subscribing to US Weekly!!!  Thanks Groupon!    Everyone drove super fancy cars, which Eric loved seeing, and everyone was so cool, so LA, I loved it!  

After we ate, we went into all the stores on Rodeo Drive, so much fun!!

The hotel from "Pretty Women,"  sad, it looks a tad rundown!  But still neat to see!
We then hopped back into the car and drove off to the beach!
Drove by Kyle from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill's store!
We went to Venice Beach and if you ever want the BEST people watching EVER, go there!  Amazing!

Love this guy so much!  And everyone loved his Kansas shirt!  

Love this view!  

How about one more!!  
We then ventured over to Hollywood, I had to see what all the fuss was about!  I was told I would be disappointed, but I wasn't at all!  The people, the excitement, loved it all!!
Hello Hollywood sign! Love the red sign photo bombing the Hollywood sign!

So neat!!

Just think of all the stars that walked through here at the Oscars?  

So fun looking for all the famous names!  

So cool finding her!!

The closest I'll ever get to George Clooney and his hands!  
After walking some more, we were hungry and we had to eat at In-n-Out! No picture, just pure, 100% happiness in my tummy!

Sadly, I had to go home Sunday, before I left though, we had breakfast with Marie's family at their house!  Wonderful ending to a wonderful weekend!  I was a tad bummed that I didn't see one famous person, but that's fine, I guess they didn't get the memo I was coming to town!  So thankful for my time there with Eric, Marie and her family, and for my in-laws for watching our three kiddos!

Just one more!  I will be back, oh yes, sooner, rather than later!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fun Weekend Trip to LA!!!!

Oh, yes!  I just got back by "just" I mean Sunday I got back from a fast and fun-filled weekend in Los Angeles!  Eric had meetings out there all week and the stars aligned so that I could tag along!  No school Friday, no soccer, grandparents were free, yes, yes, and yes!  I have never been to Southern California and fell in love with everything about Los Angeles!  

We flew out Thursday morning and when we landed, we had to wait for our gate for awhile!  We happened to be parked in the International flights sections, we saw planes headed all over the world!  
Off to Korea!  So neat!
After we got off the plane, got our luggage and rental car, we hit the highway and I saw so many popular streets, palm trees, and this little gem!  
Pacific Ocean from the Pacific Coast Highway!  Such a pretty view!  
We drove up to Malibu and I am in love and ready to move to Malibu!  Then, we headed through the mountains to our hotel!  By the way, our hotel had the BEST beds ever!  So cozy, so soft, so wonderful!  Eric had to work a bit, so I laid in bed and watched TV.  Seriously, amazing!  We then got ready for dinner, which was delicious, but went to bed super early! And yes, I slept like a baby!

The next day, Eric had meetings, so I got ready, watched the very entertaining local news stations, and waited for my friend Marie!  
It was a tad chilly, but perfect weather for boots, sweater and leggings!  
My friend Marie and her family are friends of ours from Texas that recently moved to LA, and they live right down the road from Eric's meetings!  Yay!  Loved seeing my sweet friend!  

We went to the Ronald Reagan Library, also down the road from us, and were so excited to go!  Eric had been several times for work and raved about it, so it was something I really wanted to see while out there.  Darn Government shutdown though, part of it was closed.  So annoying, but we did get to see a few fun things while there!
Ronald Reagan's Grave

The beautiful view from his grave.  I could stare at this all day!

Part of the Berlin Wall!

A nice security guard opened the curtain to let us see the beginning of the museum, this is the beginning of the the museum and really wished we could have seen more!

The statue of President Reagan outside the museum!  Love the flowers at his feet!
So, we walked around and saw all of these neat things, took in the beautiful weather and views, and waited for the Air Force One section to be opened!  
Air Force One, used by President's Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush!  

The side view!  We were allowed inside and it was set up exactly like it had been for all the seven presidents that had used the airplane.  We were not allowed to take pictures, but I promise you it was super neat!

Giselle, Marie's youngest daughter, and President Reagan's picture, made with Jelly Belly's, his favorite!
A picture of all of us!

Marie was the very first friend I met in Texas, we were pushing our baby girls on the swings while are active two year old boys ran around a park!  We talked the entire time but I accidentally gave her the wrong number!  We met again a few months later at a mutual friends birthday party, found out we were pregnant with our third and due at the same time, and became instant friends!  Her kids and mine were fast friends, all the same ages, and we just love her family!  Yay to amazing friends!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Five for Friday...Happy Birthday to Will Edition!

Today is Will's 4th birthday!  I think I blinked because those were about the fastest four years ever!  Here are the top FIVE reasons we love this sweet little boy!


He's only the cutest, most precious, sweetest, kindest boy out there!  I mean, look at the adorable face only hours old!  That little Mohawk he was born with melted me from the start!  And those eyes, I have never seen such beautiful eyes, they make me weak!!

Will aka Kasey Kahn!

Will the farmer at the Johnson County Musuem, July 2012
When defining the word "Boy" in the Webster's Dictionary, his face appears!  Will loves all things, loud, fast, dirty, and with balls!  He wants to be a NASCAR driver, football player, and firefighter when he gets older! Will also said he wants to be a farmer with his daddy and drive a big green tractor!
Will and his buddy Cameron!  He LOVES his Cameron so much!
Will's snuggles are the BEST!  He loves, loves, loves to snuggle, hug, and be loved on!  Everyday, he hugs us all and just asks for snuggles!  Yes please and thank you!


At the dentist earlier this year!
Will has always been a calm most of the time, go with the flow, laid back kid!  He's a great sport and buddy to have hanging out with you all day!  How can the dentist not be fun with my buddy hanging out with me getting me teeth cleaned?!!!

Just a normal day around here!

Cute boys playing!  Summer 2010
Will is only the best little brother anyone can ask for!  He adores his brother and sister so much!  Will plays house and family with Molly all the time, even if he has to be the dog!  Jack and Will are always playing trains, trucks, NASCAR, and football together!  I'll catch Jack reading Will some non-fiction book on the 50 states and Will just sits there as though Jack is reading him the best book ever!  Will loves his brother and sister more then they will ever know and they are so lucky to have him as their little brother!

We are so thankful God has blessed us with our sweet, lovable, kind, fun, boy!  Life would be so quiet and God knew what he was doing when He placed Will in our lives, hearts, and arms!  Will has completed our family and brought us so much joy!  We love you Puggy Bear!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A little birthday celebration!

I had a birthday last week and it was oh so much fun!  I was blessed more then words could express!  Lots of love and hugs from my family, phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages...a wonderful day indeed!

Here's a small glimpse at my special day!

I woke up to three VERY excited kids and one excited husband!  They showered me with hugs, kisses, balloons, and cards!  I got my food processor, they are so thoughtful!  Eric took the day off from work isn't he the best?!  I actually had a doctor's appointment, so he took care of the kids for school, and off I went to the doctor!  No worries, all is good but I might update on here about everything!  We'll see!  I then stopped by a sweet friends house for a bit before heading to lunch with another friend! I absolutely love Nordstrom's Cafe, and that's where we went for delicious soup, salad and wine!  And she brought her adorable baby boy, lots of cuddle time for me!  

After lunch, I headed off for....
A haircut!  Finally!!  I don't know why I wait so many months between cuts and color!  
After my haircut, I went home to relax with the family before dinner out to Oklahoma Joe's  and Jack's soccer practice!  Our whole family loves going to Jack's soccer practices because 1.  there is a playground.  2.  ALL of our friends from school are there and their parents!  3.  Jack's coach is so good with the boys.  As in, get your attention, play your best soccer, and he's so funny and makes practice fun for everyone!  Weird description but the truth!  

After practice, ice cream cake!!
Photo courtesy of Jack!  Will on the left is thinking..."Only one more week for me!"  The cute boy in the middle is prepping everything!  And the pumpkin on the right is just a tad creepy!

 A cute family picture by Jack!
Eric invited some friends over for ice cream cake, so we had an impromptu birthday party at 8 o'clock with our friends, who the dad is Jack's soccer coach!  Like I said, he's a funny guy and we just love their family!  

What a great birthday and I couldn't imagine a better day to kickoff a great year!