Thursday, September 5, 2013

Will's First Day of Preschool! (Cue the Tears)

Will started preschool yesterday.  I'm so happy and excited for him, really, I am.  But I'm so, so sad too!  My little buddy is growing up and those anti-aging pills I put in his food aren't working!  I'm kidding, if I had anti-aging pills, I would use those on myself!  Will has always been super so excited to be big and grown up like Jack and Molly, he was ready for preschool!  Backpack has been packed for months, he made bracelets for his teachers, melt my heart, and was dressed and ready at 6:30 yesterday morning!  After taking the big kids to school, we took his picture....

Can he be any cuter?!  He insisted on wearing his Royals hat!

Backpack picture!  He said cheese!

On our way!  Can he look happier?!

Will and his teacher!  He's in the Eager Elephants room and loves his teachers and class!  Who wouldn't ?  His teachers all ready are amazing me and are super sweet!

He then discovered blocks and cars, so I knew he would be fine and have fun!  We kissed him goodbye and I held in the tears!  I made it to the parking lot, the place I usually start to cry!  Luckily, my sweet, understanding husband took the day off!  He held me and just let me cry, since we've been here before!   

During Will's 3 hours of school, Eric and I bought Eric a few suits, which was a lot easier to shop for with the two of us!  We then picked up Will and gave him huge, huge hugs!  He had an amazing day and told us everything, even about a little girl who went to timeout!  The best quote of the day, "I didn't eat my boogers!"  Good job buddy, an important life skill!  We celebrated with lunch at Jose Peppers!  Yum!

My cute lunch dates!  

After lunch, he passed out and took a wonderful nap!  A very successful day!  We love you Puggy Bear and we're so happy for you, now just stop growing up!

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