Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Time Jack Ran for Student Council!

Oh, that's right!  Last week, Jacks class held elections for Student Council!  One boy and one girl in each class, 2nd to 5th grade, elected representatives to represent their class, vote on activities and vents to bring to school, and other important issues!  Jack wanted to bring open cafeteria seating EVERY Friday!

In order to run for Student Council, I had to sign a permission slip and we had a long talk about winning or losing.  Jack said he would be happy for anyone in his class, no matter the winner!  Next, he made a poster where my inner teacher, perfectionist was silenced and cringed a little that he designed all on his own!

The final step in preparing Jack was a speech he would give to his class!  Eric helped him compose  the speech which Jack mainly wrote and Molly, Will and I were his audience!  I was very impressed with his promise to be responsible, respectable, and honest!  And, of course, the promise for open seating on Fridays!  Maybe a future in politics?!  

On Election Day, Jack was ready!  He had his poster, which could only be displayed during his speech, and his speech!  He told us that after all 11 candidates gave their speeches, his class voted, but no one knew the results until the following day!  Torture!  Jack felt like he did good and knew he had some votes, but said he was happy no matter who won!  Sweet boy!

The next day was a little nerve wracking!  But, when I picked Jack up from school, he was all smiles!  Yes!  I thought!  He won!  Well, he gets into the car and says, "Luke and Maggie won!  I'm so happy for them!"  What a wonderful boy!  Luke is a great friend of Jack's and Jack said Maggie won because her poster had lights!  

We are so proud of our Jack wanting to run for Student Council, writing his speech, giving a speech in front of his class, and having a beautiful heart for being happy for all the winners!  

Way to go Jack!  We're all proud of you!

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